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Ambient Lounge Design Articles & Bean Bag News

Australian Couple wearing yellow shirts sits on brown bean bag sofa bed with brown ottoman

World Cup 2014: Are you ready to cheer on the Socceroos in Brazil? We're pumped at Ambient Lounge Australia!

30 May 2014
June 2014, Brazil is buzzing with the upcoming Fifa World Cup. Aussies are buzzing too ... it's the greatest show on earth and it's back bigger and more colourful than ever this year in the land of Carnivale, beaches, music and extroversion -...
Grey bean bag sofa near fire place beside table

Want quick visual Inspiration when choosing your bean bags? Join us on Instagram

26 May 2014
Hey there Aussie designers, fan of contemporary spaces and lovers of beautiful things. If you're like us you skim over the fine print and pretty much like to look at the big pictures when making choices of product. With bean bag furniture,...

Winter is coming... time to get cozy on our interior fabric bean bags

19 May 2014
by Alexandrei
Winter is coming to Australia... so when it starts to feel a little chilly outside, why not chill out in total cozy comfort on Ambient Lounge bean bags . We particulary think that the eco weave or the luscious grey fabrics are the 'warmest'...

Ambient Lounge Australia launches Bean Filling website - beanbagfilling.com.au to deliver beans all over Oz.

13 May 2014
by Alexandrei
Buying Bean Bag filling in Australia has traditionally been a time consuming and awkward task. Spending petrol money and precious time to drive out to energy-sapping shopping centres and lug around huge bags of beans (like a preverbial Santa...

Groom your Room - Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa Bean Bags are a designer furniture icon

13 May 2014
by Alexandrei
If you're still thinking of bean bags as something that you buy for kids or something our of a 70's scene with shagpile carpet and brown wallpaper, then think again. Design has evolved and Ambient Lounge were the pioneers of the designer bean...
premium soft pink fabric with open weave polyester viscose by ambient lounge. Sakura pink interior fabric.

Glam Up Your Living Space - Think (Sakura) Pink!

07 May 2014
Style, fashion and tactility are what comes to mind when you see our Sakura pink fabric up close and personal. The beautiful open weave and warm tones will liven up any designer living space. This pantone pink isnt just for girl's...
Group of friends having a cookout beside red van while sitting on beige bean bag sofa chairs

Win! the ULTIMATE Chill-out Pack from Ambient Lounge & OnePiece

06 May 2014
One Piece and Ambient Lounge are giving away the Ultimate Chill-out Pack! Win one Ambient Lounge Sofa and an Ottoman and a One Piece Upload your favourite chill-out pic on instagram and tell us why you would want to...
Man in chekered shirt typing on his laptop while sitting on grey bean bag sofa chair

Sons of Anarchy Star decks out his New York film studio house with Ambient Lounge

05 May 2014
Sons of Anarchy is one of the coolest and most hard hitting USA television series in recent memory - about a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club. The show's reality resonates with Australian viewers, particularly due to our controversial and...
Anzac Commemoration Day

ANZAC legends - we salute you.

24 Apr 2014
While we sit back and relax in total comfort in our Ambient Loungers, we never forget the hardship that our fellow Australians (and Kiwis etc.) went through to make this country and our living standards so great. Our head designer was...
The Lego Movie

Kids Movie review (written by our Jr. critic) - The Lego Movie

14 Apr 2014
Ambient Lounge bean bags may be sophisticated and ideal for Home Cinema - but they aren't just for adults! We give the teenagers and kids a say too... that's why our JR critic McKenzie "Kenz" Pearce got along to the Moonlight Cinema and checked...
Ambient Lounge Bean Bag Hire Event

Ambient Lounge launches brilliant new Australiawide Bean Bag Hire Website - www.beanbaghire.com.au.

05 Apr 2014
Event managers rejoice ... finally there is an affordable event seating solution that is both visually spectacular and highly practical for your Australian function. That is designer Ambient Lounge bean bag hire available on the new website...
The Dallas Buyers Club Cast

Ambient Lounge Film Review. THE DALLAS BUYERS CLUB starring Matthew McConaughey & Jennifer Garner

18 Mar 2014
Ambient Lounge is the number one Cinema Bean Bag furniture for both home and commercial use in Australia and Worldwide. We love movies and we watch a LOT of them! Every month Ambient Lounge acclaimed author and movie critic Gary Morris ,...

Happy St Patricks Day - Which green Ambient Lounge beanbag fabric to help celebrate on? Sub-lime or citrus lime?

17 Mar 2014
17th March 2014. Happy St Patrick's day! It's easy being green. Today is the day that the whole world turns a little 'Irish' - St. Patrick's day (affectionately known as St. Paddy's day in Oz). Shamrocks get worn,...

AFL and NRL footy seasons begin - No better seat in the House than your Ambient Lounge

16 Mar 2014
Australia has a deep sporting culture and this weekend is bumper one for Aussie Sports fans! It's the big kick off for the Aussie rules and NRL football seasons and that means millions of viewers will have been glued to the screen ready to...

Watch the Funnelweb fill system and the Studio Lounge transform The Block's Pool Reveal episode

10 Mar 2014
Ambient Lounge Bean bags and the Funnelweb filling system rocks Channel 9's the Block pool area. "This must be the best communal area I've ever seen on The Block, it's incredible", said The Block Host Scotty Cam. That's a pretty big...

Ambient Lounge Film Review. LAST VEGAS starring Robert De Niro & A-list friends

28 Feb 2014
Ambient Lounge is number one Cinema Bean Bag furniture for both home and commercial use in Australia and Worldwide. We love movies and we watch a LOT of them! Every month Ambient Lounge acclaimed author and movie critic  Gary Morris , will...

Channel 9's The block uses designer Ambient Lounge outdoor bean bags & Funnelweb fill to pimp the Pool Area.

25 Feb 2014
  Feb 25th 2014 : Popular Channel 9 Series The Block had contenstants scurrying to get the pool area beautifully designed in time and under budget. It didn't go without drama - but decorate it they did, with the end result...

Ambient Lounge Film Review. LONE SURVIVOR starring Mark Wahlberg

17 Feb 2014
Ambient Lounge is number one Cinema Bean Bag furniture for both home and commercial use in Australia and Worldwide. We love movies and we watch a LOT of them! Every month Ambient Lounge acclaimed author and movie critic Gary Morris , will...

Ambient Lounge - Australia's Outdoor Cinema Bean Bags

27 Jan 2014
Australian's like the rest of the world, absolutely love movies.  We Aussies have a proud history of moviegoing and actually made the first feature film movie back in 1906, called "the Story of the Kelly Gang" - about...

Happy Australia Day - Triple J's hottest 100, beach party and Ambient Lounge beanbags.

26 Jan 2014
  Happy Australia Day to all .... what a day, what a great country we live in.  Today we might be feeling a little patriotic here at Ambient Lounge - but we reckon that we all should be proud of Australia, what we...