Everything about the XXL luxury pet bed by ambient lounge® is HUGE. It's big on comfort and massive on luxury. Ideal for Alaskan Malamute, Rottweiler, English Mastiff, Cane Corso, Saint Bernard, Bull Mastiff, and Great Dane breeds.

XXL Dog Beds
XXL Dog Beds

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You can’t put a value on your dogs’ happiness but when you see those cute faces all curled up, stretching & yawning it just warms the heart. (Not to mention the fact that you might actually get your couch or bed back for yourself now)

ambient lounge® XXL dog beds for extra large dog breeds!

To all Australia paw-rents with big dogs, your search for the right extra large dog bed is over! Ambient lounge® designed an xxl dog bed AU that is perfect for your tiny dogs.

The struggle with finding the best dog bed for your gentle giants is that not all dog beds come in extra large sizes for extra large dog breeds. You can buy the best dog beds for extra large dog breeds from ambient lounge®. Getting the right-sized xxl dog bed for your gentile giants allows him/her to find the perfect comfort spot where he/she feels calm, secure and ready to doze off into canine cloud 9.

Extra Large dog beds au by ambient lounge® are meant to keep big dogs in Australia comfy and happy! With interchangeable covers from faux fur to ThermoQuilt, we’ve got your pooch covered for every season.

The XXL dog bed by ambient lounge® is available in two colours of bases: cappuccino and original. You can also choose from interchangeable covers that come in cappuccino, original, wild animal and ThermoQuilt covers in silver and beige. This makes every fur parent happy too because these covers are super easy to clean by simply popping it in the washing machine and just hang to line dry! Don’t worry about the base of the extra large outdoor dog bed too as these are waterproof & ready to be hosed off or wiped with a damp cloth in case things get a little messy.

Of course, we never underestimate extra large dog breeds. We know that a lot of tiny dogs in Australia come packing with a lot of energy. This is A-okay because extra large outdoor dog beds au by ambient lounge® are made with chew-resistant fabric that hold up pretty nicely even when scratched, dug, or bitten*. However, not all dogs are the same. Some are persistent enough that even a bed as strong and durable as an xxl dog bed by ambient lounge® may still get damaged. Not to worry though, there are ways to avoid your luxurious extra large dog bed from getting ripped up by extra large dog breeds AU. Please see our FAQ's for more info.

xxl dog beds FAQs

You can purchase a luxury large dog bed at www.ambientlounge.com.au or visit the showroom at 25 Shafton St in Huntingdale. Dog beds in Australia come in all sorts of sizes and often the hardest one to find is an extra large dog bed for our big dogs. ambient lounge® designed a luxurious dog bed that comes in a variety of colours from grey, cappuccino, and even interchangeable covers like the waterproof ThermoQuilt cover in both beige, silver and the wild animal. XXL dog beds by ambient lounge® are known for being chew-resistant which allows them to last many doggy years, even for dogs who are extra active. The base of this extra large dog bed is waterproof so cleaning them is a breeze, especially for fur-parents. If you have an extra large dog breed like a great dane, cane corso or maybe multiple smaller dogs, an extra large dog bed by ambient lounge® is the right choice!

Dog beds for different dog breed sizes vary. The key is to know how to measure a dog bed that is the right size for your dog. Measure your dog’s body and add 6 to 12 inches around it. That would give you an idea of the size of dog bed that your extra large dog needs. When shopping for extra large dog beds at ambient lounge®, you can use this online tool to be sure!

Of course we want extra large dogs au to have their own space where they fit perfectly. Just the right space; not too big and not too small. Extra large dog breeds like a labrador, golden retriever, staffy or rottweiler would have the time of their lives while sleeping on a extra large dog bed by ambient lounge®. Not sure if a extra large dog bed is for your dog? Use our size/guide tool to help you out!

It’s important that you keep extra large dog beds clean and free from any bacteria and debris. If you have an ambient lounge® extra large dog bed, you can easily remove the top and pop it in the washing machine. As for the base, the easiest thing to do is to hose it down and give it a gentle scrub or simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Easy as pie! Leave it out in the sun to dry but it shouldn’t take long because as we all know, ambient lounge dog beds have waterproof bases.

Let’s face it! Dogs tend to mistake a lot of things as chew toys, even a luxurious XXL outdoor dog bed by ambient lounge®. There are several things that you can try out like using an anti-chew spray, proper training and positive reinforcement. For more information, tips and tricks about how to stop your extra large dog from chewing your extra large dog bed, check out this article!

When you order a XXL dog bed from the ambient lounge® website, you can simply tap COVER + BEAN FILLING when selecting your order. If you do this, the amount of bean filling required by the size of your bean bag cover will be automatically added to your cart. Your XXL dog bed is just a click away!

Ambient lounge® xxl dog beds are available in different styles and colours. The other awesome thing about the xxl dog bed by ambient lounge® is, you can always mix and match! You can choose from the two colours of the small dog bed bases: original or cappuccino. As for the tops, choose from original, cappuccino, wild animal and our waterproof cover collection: ThermoQuilt in silver or coffee.


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