custom branded ambient lounge bean bags for winery at Brown Brothers

Great Taste doesn’t stop with Brown Brothers wine. Lifestyle enhancing furniture creates brand x-factor.

21 Sep 2018
by James Brandon
Good Taste – it doesn’t stop with the Brown Brothers wine... A beautiful aesthetic and overall feel-good customer experience is the key to enhancing the magnificent surroundings & tasty food of the famous Brown Brothers winery in Milawa,...

shanghai design week. "you are beautiful" exhibition creative space.

31 Aug 2017
by James Brandon
Photography, fashion, design & art. It's a deliciously creative combination for the senses and thats what exploded during the recent Shanghai fashion week in one of the World's fastest moving cities. The YYO...

australian home office. creating a downtime transitional thinktank zone.

26 Aug 2017
by James Brandon
Live, work & play. Can this be fused together in a new era of flexible home office living? That's the challenge for interior designers who try and strike a harmonious balance in a work-to-live Australian lifestyle....
relaxation room melbourne non technology

escape technology by design. Inspiring relaxation rooms are within reach.

25 Aug 2017
by James Brandon
It's a digital age without repent. Why not slow down for a few minutes each day? Take some time out to create a technology-free relaxation zone ... just like what one of our global clients did with her beautiful, tasteful,...

soften your structures. adding value to designer residential seaside housing.

28 Jul 2017
by James Brandon
When you renovate or design a seaside home, it's not just about the structure. It's the lifestyle. There's real beauty in combining hard and cold monochrome surfaces with tactile warm fabrics and a blue inviting ocean. Australia has a...
house rules grand final winning design. aaron and daniella

house rules final. transforming a small tired space into bloke's bohemia heaven

12 Jul 2017
by James Brandon
Aaron and Daniella nailed it and pocketed $200,000 in the process.   ... and what a transformation it was.   We're talking of the House Rules 2017 Grand Final that was watched by over 1.5 million viewers nationally...

green zone design. how innovative schools care for troubled students.

06 Mar 2017
by James Brandon
Growing up in a demanding, fast-paced digital world can be pretty stressful. As students learn more about who they are – and the pains of adolescence, homework and peer group pressures kick in - they need an escape. Exeter primary school in...

student living has evolved. UK premium dorm rooms & cinema spaces.

29 Sep 2015
by James Brandon
University dorms aren’t what they used to be! Now Uni is big business with the more affluent (mainly overseas) students renting out premium apartments in great locations with all the creature comforts of a 5star hotel – while they live...