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Gymshark integrates ambient lounge® lifestyle zones in their UK & Hong Kong offices. Work, Rest, Play & Train.

21 Jan 2020
by James Brandon
australian school ambient lounge bean bags library. butterfly sofa

What makes a great contemporary office breakout space? ... Office interior designers need to nail breakout zones as these spaces are often the lynchpin of great office design, binding a company's personality & balance. It's a million dollar question that should be achievable on a moderate budget with some creative thinking and design.

Like any great branding - bold differentiation can be the key. Gymshark - one of the UK's fastest growing companies - have found the right recipe for genuine employee happiness + productivity with their world class headquarters in Solihul, Birmingham. Gymshark partnered up with global ambient lounge® partners in both their UK and in Hong Kong HQ’s ... to create with the perfect vibe within their relaxation spaces

Gymshark activewear, led by their inspiring 30-something CEO Ben Francis, have broken protocol with traditional stuffy UK workplace culture and attacked their workplace design with an palatable air of positive youthful energy, fusion of new technologies/techniques and hunger for trail-blazing results. (Kind of like a good workout program). Their workplace culture consistently represents who they are and the office design delivers and environment that people fight to work within … integrated ambient lounge relaxation zones, full scale office gyms, high design entertainment areas, cinemas, cafes and even a centrally located well-stocked bar. All done within their black brand pantones blending textures and contours and greenery to make it visually interesting.

In short - its damn fun to work at Gymshark! It's an energetic (but light-hearted) work hard, play hard zone that's positively infectious. The HQ’s combine all the senses and allow genuine workplace expression (even a midday workout, powernap, afternoon beer or full-stretch laptop session on an ambient lounge) within the boundaries of delivering results and impressing high performing peers.

With employees now tending to spend more time at work than at home - a beautiful, aspirational breakout space is essential for any company to motivate employees and create the right atmosphere of workflow + lifestyle.

Breakout spaces are a place for informal gatherings, coffee breaks, brainstorming sessions, screen-free thinking space, relaxation & power meditation zones and private conversationsrecent times - with the digital age culture truly set in for millenials - school libraries have struggled to get kids to come in and study or simply read books for pleasure. The foundation of all learning often takes a back seat to social chat apps, games and social media.

Gymshark are one of our many global office design clients. If you are an Australian office designer or architect and would like a free design consultancy with ambient lounge soft, structured furniture, please contact us. We are equipped to do 3D & concept renders for your office space. Please call our ambient lounge project manager on 1300 707 121 for more info.

“In short ... its damn fun to work at Gymshark!

It's an energetic (but light-hearted) work hard, play hard zone that's positively infectious.”