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Want to join the exclusive Aussie team?

Ambient Lounge® are seeking a select number of Australian interior designers, boutique furniture retailers & commercial project partners to work with our unique brand.

If you've got a beautifully designed, well located Australian showroom/retail space and would like to represent the Ambient Lounge® collection - then let's talk.

If we're a match, you'll get exclusivity of area, exceptional service, heavily promoted brand, social love and the word's best product. We'll send a high volume of local Aussie customers to you who want to sit & try before they buy. We'll work with you for beautiful displays & long-term collaboration.

We understand your business, we understand your clients and customers potential needs. We make collaborations as they should be ... profitable partnerships.

Ambient Lounge® invented the patented Funnelweb zip & tip bean-fill system that completely revolutionises the fill & upkeep of lightweight bead-filled furniture. The soft mod. interior revolution taps into new age living room and home cinema. Our high quality, solution-dyed outdoor lounge furniture takes the seasonality out of Australian business.

If you're a retail, interior design or other type of commercial operation that could benefit from being one of our partners…. Please get in touch with our  team on 1300 707 121 or fill out the form on the right and we'll be right back to you*

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