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Ambient Lounge Design Articles & Bean Bag News

ambient lounge Japan pop up store Osaka

Ambient Lounge® Japan's Beautiful pop-up store in Osaka helps bring soft luxury in the stay-at-home era

01 Aug 2020
The olympics in Tokyo have been postponed for a year .. but spirits remain high despite the 2020 pandemic. Ambient Lounge® Japan helps the mood with beautiful, stay-at-home era, soft luxury products that the Japanese have fallen in love...
delivering ambient lounge during victoria coronavirus crisis

During the Victorian Coronavirus ambient lounge® still deliver daily, ethically & hygienically. Here's how ...

21 Jul 2020
How are ambient lounge® Australia are able to deliver daily during the Victorian Coronavirus Crisis? Firstly we hope that all our Australian customers stay safe, comfortable and healthy in this highly challenging time of masks, restrictions and...
dogs and cats and coping with covid19

Self isolation & our pets. Caring for Dogs & Cats during this Coronavirus crisis ... or do they care for us?

21 Mar 2020
Though the recent coronavirus has condemned us Aussies to our homes almost 24/7 …. Is this paradise for our pets? That’s right, humans all day, everyday. Humans when they wake. Humans when they sleep. Extra pats & attention. No more...
how to cope at home with covid19

Preparing for home Lockdown. Tips on coping with Covid19, social distancing & keeping spirits high.

15 Mar 2020
How to Cope if anchored home in the face of Covid19? (March 15th, 2020). The Football's been cancelled. Restaurants & bars are starting to close. Planes are grounded. Cinema is a no-go zone. Toilet rolls are scarce. Music Festivals are off....
Golden Retriever sleeping

Golden Retrievers are charming & irresistible big dogs with big hearts ..

29 Feb 2020
Almost all of us know someone who owns a "goldie" (golden retriever). After all, they are one of the most popular dog breeds globally, and for very good reason… Why? Humans and little humans simply cannot resist them! Golden retrievers have a...
Cavoodles are Aussie's favorite dogs officially

Why Cavoodles are becoming Australia’s most loved & owned urban dog

22 Feb 2020
In the last decade, Cavoodles have fast become the most popular breed of dog in urban Australia .. and there are clear reasons why. “Cavoodles are just like little teddy bears, people take them everywhere,” Sydney Cavoodles’ owner Kelly...
King Charles spaniels on ambient lounge bed

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Best friends with these royal, loyal doggos of the world.

21 Jan 2020
Long, silky coat, expressive eyes, and cheery disposition. These phrases perfectly describe cavalier king charles spaniels, or what we like to call the good royal, loyal doggos of the world. Anyone who has seen a cavalier king charles...

Aussies and Kiwis absolutely love Staffy Dogs

31 Aug 2019
A Staffy is a dog. Not just any dog. A favorite dog of Australian people. While it doesn't make the list of the top 10 most popular breeds of dog in the world – it’s high up on any Aussie or Kiwi list. Here's why:...

The Warm Story of a Japanese Rescue Dog

13 Mar 2019
by Blance Lorraine Abulencia
CoCo is a rescue dog. This is the heartwarming story of her journey of abandonment & suffering to the loving care of a Japanese family. In March of 2007, it was still pretty cold in the night time. CoCo was left in a public...
bean bag filling anywhere in Australia

Bean everywhere …. City or Country. Ambient Lounge deliver Australiawide

21 Jul 2018
Attention Aussie designer bean bag lovers that live outside of city metro areas. We've got good news. Whether you live off on the dusty Oodnatta road, Ballarat main St, seaside in Byron Bay, Mt Isa or somewhere near the back of Bourke - you...

Don't call them bean bags. Aussie soft mod revolution by Ambient Lounge®

21 Aug 2017
When leading Australian interior designer's and architects think of commercial lounge furniture solutions, they rarely think of 'bean bags’ as their choice of furniture. Times have changed. Lifestyles have...

Miller Chill Launches New Beer in Australia with Chance to Win Ambient Lounge® Custom Branded Bean Bags

10 Nov 2016
The new Miller Chill is a great beer with a real twist in the tail of its aftertaste. Miller Chill is also a great brand match with Ambient Lounge® bean bags - targeting a discerning audience of youthful “designer chill” lovers. A...

Ambient Lounge Bean Bag Reviews - Australian Customers Love Quality Bean Bag Furniture

04 Oct 2016
Ambient Lounge bean bags often come up in top 10 bean bags lists - by journalists, designers and commercial trade. However it's what our lovely customers think of the products that counts. Don't just believe the experts? see what the real...
bean bag beans ain't all the same

Bean bag beans ain't all the same. The choice between UltraBead™ vs Ordinary Bead

07 Jul 2016
Just like oils ain't oils - bean bag beans ain't beans. There is a substantial difference in quality, density and performance. Ambient Lounge® Ultra-Bead™ is Australia's best quality bean bag bead. Period. “Why" you might ask? "Aren’t all...

under the stars. Why outdoor spaces are the 'dining rooms' of coastal Aussie Homes.

21 Jan 2016
We Australians are truly blessed to be living in such a beautiful land. Breathtaking scenery of sweeping golden shorelines, heaps of space, gorgeous fresh air (and long summer weather on the whole) brings with it significant lifestyle perks....

If your dog could talk ...

16 Jan 2016
Companies can say all they like about their own pet products - but the proof is always in the pudding...or in this case, in the sleeping. Buying a pet bed is really difficult because it's probably the most important thing (along with food)...

Last Minute Gifting? We've got christmas well covered. Order right up until 22nd December*

10 Dec 2015
by James Brandon
Yes, it's getting to that time of year again where we all work too hard and probably party too hard, coming up to the silly season and a well earned break. Problem is that most of us didnt have much time to do out christmas shopping...

Backyard Bliss. Ambient Lounge will have a Gold Class Sunbrella range this summer in Australia

18 Jul 2015
Ambient Lounge are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with world renowned outdoor fabric manufacturers - Sunbrella USA - to design and produce the world best outdoor bean bags, perfect for harsh Australian conditions. The fabric...

Creating your own epic & comfy Ambient Lounge? How easy is this? To fill, just zip & tip.

10 Jul 2015
Remember the bad old days of filling bean bags? Oh thats right, those bad old days still exist if you are a customer of those soul-less  mass merchants... (aka Target, Kmart, Spotlight, Big W etc.) beans everywhere, terrible...

Thanks for the memory (foam) ...the Wing Ottoman is coming!

27 Jun 2015
At Ambient Lounge, we might be experts at relaxation - but we also know how to innovate. Our design team are 'working' tirelessly on making your lives less tiresome and more beautiful. So like the fine Australian wine that combines...