Peggy & Molly; The Unlikeliest of Friends Reunited

18 Apr 2024
by Aly Alcantara

In a happy and loving home, internet sensation @peggyandmolly lived with their fur parents, Julliete and Reece, and Peggy’s daughter, Ruby. Reece and Julliette rescued Molly when it was a fledgling back in 2020. The little Magpie fell from a tree in their backyard, unable to fly and feed on its own. They raise Molly alongside their Staffy, Peggy who also wound up having puppies of her own. The fur family loved Molly as if she was a part of the pack. 

Peggy and Molly: Unlikely Friends

Photo credits: @peggyandmolly | Juliette Wells 

Unfortunately, on March 26, 2024, the family announced through social media that they were forced to surrender Molly the Magpie to the Southern Wildlife Operations Department. With a heavy yet strong heart, the family fought to get Molly back home. The story of their friendship and how Molly was separated from the family caused a surreal amount of sadness and has reached local news and global news. 

People had different views on it but one thing was for sure, Peggy and her daughter Ruby missed Molly. 


Photo Credits: ABC News Australia & Juliette Wells

Petitions were made online, people from different parts of Australia and the world spoke loudly for Molly and finally, Molly was returned home last April 16, 2024. 

Peggy and Molly have been dear and near to ambient lounge® being one of many dog families who spend a lot of their time lounging on an ambient lounge® dog bed. It was heartbreaking to see the Ruby and Peggy away from Molly. There’s no denying that like humans, dogs also feel happy, the same way that they can feel sad, alone and abandoned. 

Photo credits: @peggyandmolly | Juliette Wells 

True enough, you can see the joy not only on Juliette and Reece’s face, but on Peggy’s and Ruby’s too. It was a celebration made not only in the Peggy and Molly household, but an outstanding number of people joined it as well. People on social media who have found happiness and inspiration as a follower of the @peggyandmolly account were so relieved to have learned that the family was granted Molly the Magpie back. 

After almost two months, they can hear Molly barking in their house again. As part of the conditions given to Juliette and Reece, they underwent wildlife care training to ensure that Molly is being given proper care.

With the family of Juliette Wells and Reece Mortensen, we are so happy to have Molly reunited back with Peggy and Ruby, people and pets who aim to inspire. 


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