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Australians are renowned world leaders in refined relaxation & innovation.
Since 2005, the Aussie-led Ambient Lounge® group have been breaking through preconceptions and transforming the humble (and maligned) bean bag into inspiring soft furniture objects of desire. Creative, lightweight, structured, modular, contemporary, lounge solutions for next-level home cinema interiors and outdoor lifestyles.
As epic wide-eyed travelers - the Ambient Lounge® crew had a global vision that cushion culture is timeless & loved in almost every country in some shape or form – meaning there were no boundaries for growth and innovation if combined with modern textures. Comfortable, low, structured, cushioned seating knows no language and held no barriers and has occupied people homes for hundreds of years from Istanbul, New York, St Petersburg, London, Cairo, Shanghai, Amsterdam to Kyoto.

ambient lounge® gift certificate can be redeemed online via www.ambientlounge.com.au.
A person who received the certificate can visit our website, choose products from the catalog and add them to cart. At checkout he or she will be offered to redeem the certificate by entering the certificate’s code. The certificate’s worth will be subtracted from the order total. If the certificate doesn’t cover the order total completely, the rest of the sum can be paid via any available payment method.

1. ambient lounge® gift certificate is redeemable for purchases at ambient lounge® website www.ambientlounge.com.au.
2. Only 1 gift certificate can be redeemed per transaction.
3. ambient lounge® gift certificate is not redeemable for cash.
4. No change will be given and any balance that remains on the gift certificate can only be used in whole or part againts future purchases at ambient lounge AU website.
5. Any unused balance will not be refunded or converted to cash.
6. Where the cost of the purchases exceeds the available gift certificate balance, the gift certificate owner will be required to make up the difference between the purchase price and the ambient lounge® gift certificate balance.
7. The ambient lounge® gift certificate is only valid after activation which may take up to 24 hours.

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