A Guide to Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer

13 Feb 2024
by Aly Alcantara

As the scorching Australian summer sets in, it's not just the humans feeling the heat – our dogs are too! Keeping your dogs cool during the warmer months is crucial for their well-being, and we have the perfect solution: the Thermoquilt dog bed. Check out how your furry companion can stay cool, comfortable, and pampered during the sizzling summer days.

Cooling Dog Beds

Ambient Lounge's Thermoquilt dog bed is a game-changer in the world of canine comfort. Crafted with luxurious materials and designed to provide optimum support, it's the ideal choice for hot summer days. The bed's innovative features make it stand out, ensuring your furry friend has a cool haven to retreat to when the temperatures soar.

Poolside Bark-a-lounge

Create the perfect space for your dog to cool off. When you design a spot for you to relax when it's just so hot indoors, consider setting up a waterproof lounge set by the pool for you and your dog. This is where it becomes handy to teach your dog how to swim. Like you, going for a swim can help your dog beat the summer heat. Have a cold bowl of water for your dog, or frozen refreshers for your dog and a nice cool drink for you too. The thermoquilt dog beds by ambient lounge comes in two colors that match any space. Super easy to clean and what's amazing about it is that it doesn't trap in heat even if you leave it under the sun. 

Cooling Mats for Dogs

To keep your dogs from becoming steamed sausages in the Aussie heat, pair the Thermoquilt dog bed with Ambient Lounge's Thermocool mat or use it on its own. This innovative mat is designed to absorb and dissipate heat, providing an additional layer of cooling for your furry friend. It's the perfect way to ensure your dog's bed remains a cool oasis during the summer heat.

Regular Grooming & Brushing

Regular grooming helps keep your dog's coat in top condition and reduces the risk of overheating. Speak to your veterinarian or a professional groomer about the best grooming practices for your dog's breed and coat type. If your dog is a heavy shedder or has long and thick fur, it's important to make brushing a part of your schedule. Fur traps in heat. If you want to help your dog relieve some of that, brushing is a good thing to do. 

Final Thoughts

Provide your furry friends with the ultimate in comfort and luxury, ensuring they stay cool, refreshed, and pampered even in the hottest weather. This summer, let your dogs indulge in the lap of canine luxury with Ambient Lounge – where every bed is a haven of cool relaxation for your beloved pets.


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