Styling your home for Autumn in AU

05 Apr 2023
by Aly Alcantara

Autumn is here and we’re loving the weather!  Grab your best autumn home decor, home furniture, and indoor bean bags and enjoy the autumn weather in AU. 

Autumn is here and we’re loving the weather!  Grab your best autumn home decor, home furniture, and indoor bean bags and enjoy the autumn weather in AU. 

Do you know what ruins a relaxing autumn morning? It’s when you sit on your outdoor bean bags by the porch and realise it’s really not that comfortable but you stick with it because you can’t have any of your nice soft furniture and bean bags outside. WRONG! You most definitely can have soft, comfortable and yet luxurious furniture outdoors and indoors with the best bean bags in Australia. Here are some things you can add to your AU home to complete your autumn home. 

Feel the autumn breeze

Autumn is the time of savouring nature’s colours. The brown and orange leaves sweeping across the ground, the yellowing corn stalks drooping firmly, and the golden maple tree dancing as the wind whispers, are the signs of an arising season. It is the time of the year when brilliant colours fill the surface of the field.

Love autumn with soft throws and cushions! 
Although it’s not as cold as winter, you’d still want to get cozy and snuggled up when it gets a bit chilly at night. 

Grab a luxurious and soft throw by ambient lounge®. Take your pick from wool, cashmere and faux fur. Each of these luxury throws is made with top-quality materials that make them so soft to the touch, last for years and meets any home aesthetic. Not only that, pairing it with the perfect indoor and outdoor bean bags will surely complete the autumn home you’ve been dreaming of.

Cashmere Throw-Light Grey 
Made with 50% cashmere and 50% Australian wool, the cashmere throw keeps you uber-comfy yet stylish at the same time. If you’re not using it, simply fold or hang it nicely by your soft indoor bean bags furniture of choice.

Merino Throw - Camel Tea

Snuggle in your Ambient lounge Merino Throw in Camel Tea while lounging on one of your favourite indoor bean bags while drinking a hot cuppa in the morning.

Made with 70% Australian Merino Wool and 30% viscose, you can wrap yourself in one of the best throws ever.

Don’t miss out on both style and comfort. Leave it nicely by your couch when you don’t feel like wrapping it around your body and it will look gorgeous together with your interior home decor.

Deluxe Faux Fur Throw and Cushion - Cappuccino

Imagine yourself watching the multi-colored leaves rain down your window pane while hearing the heavenly harmony of birds chirping. I literally cannot think of the most autumnal thing you could ever do in this season.

Feel the chilly breeze of autumn with ambient lounge Deluxe Faux Fur Throw in Cappucino. Add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home with premium throws that is the perfect layering to every indoor bean bag in your personal space. Comes with a velvety touch that will instantly give your home and indoor bean bags the best autumnal accents you can ever ask for. 

Made with 100% polyester and has Premium Cappucino Frosted Siberian Faux Fur. This fabulous addition to your home and indoor bean bags will be your getaway to soft luxury heaven but still comes with high-end quality, tactility, and durability.

Adding an autumnal touch to your home

Afraid of letting your movie nights be as boring as a dry weekend while nestling in your indoor bean bags? 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Ascend yourself in a world of luxury and comfort with ambient lounge’s indoor bean bags. It’s not those typical indoor bean bags where your body will bury uncomfortably with your head hanging above the ground. We don’t want your rest day to be a meltdown, right?

Mix and match the perfect throws and cushions with the bestselling Butterfly Sofa Bean Bag Series by ambient lounge.

Celebrate with luxury and comfort that will let you sink in a cloudy feel of softness. These indoor bean bags are built to have full body support so that you won’t have neck cramps while watching your favourite movie or reading your favourite book. 

Made with premium commercial fabric that is extremely durable and incredibly soft. A life-changing indoor sofa bean bag that is made for hotel-grade furniture. These may be the perfect indoor bean bags that will bring comfort and luxury into your autumnal home, but believe it or not, you can also use this outdoors.

Yes! They are weatherproof and cannot be easily damaged by UV rays. Things are getting interesting, eh? Here are some photos of our best indoor and outdoor bean bags so you can see it for yourself.

Did this help you?

Looking for your autumn must-haves is not that easy. However, we narrowed down the choices for you and showed you the best throws, cushions, and indoor and outdoor bean bags in Australia. Pair this with your indoor bean bags or any modular furniture you have in your home. Luxury and comfort in your home will be as blissful as autumn of all seasons. 

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