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Great Taste doesn’t stop with Brown Brothers wine. Lifestyle enhancing furniture creates brand x-factor.

21 Sep 2018
by James Brandon
custom branded ambient lounge bean bags for winery at Brown Brothers

Good Taste – it doesn’t stop with the Brown Brothers wine...

A beautiful aesthetic and overall feel-good customer experience is the key to enhancing the magnificent surroundings & tasty food of the famous Brown Brothers winery in Milawa, Victoria.

Australia has around 2500 wineries all of whom compete for a well blended experience. Like the ever-complex coffee/cafe market - Australian consumers have a discerning sensory palette and anything short of outstanding will fall short of par for any brand. In a digital and social world too feedback is instant, public, visual and direct. The BB winery design team therefore had the challenge of evolving & re-creating that special & unique customer experience that matches their deep brand history and wonderful vintages. So in mid they 2018 approached ambient lounge to create high quality, structured branded outdoor furniture that looks and feels great - and is easy to care for with spills and often rowdy customers who might have had a few too many tastings. Think "spring carnival" birdcage but on a daily basis.

The results of customer feedback in smiles, instagram shares, reviews, brand praises and sales has exceeded all expectations. Brown Brothers visitors just love sitting on the lawn in comfort of their custom branded ambient lounge bean bags, basking in the warmth and sipping on wine. It adds to their point of difference.

Brown Brothers' aim is to have local & international customers walking away from the Milera winery with an emotional attachment to the brand - not just their wine. Giving customers a reason to return again & again and getting Insta love & 5 star TripAdvisor reviews. Return customers obviously means more money for the winery as well as the add-value sales for repeat purchases in Liquor outlets.

In a contemporary experience market traditional old-world outdoor furniture doesn't cut it. It isn't stylish and is often too bulky, impractical & inflexible. It's also doesn't resonate with the Aussie cool crowd. Ambient Lounge soft branded furniture was the perfect hybrid, lightweight but sturdy structured outdoor furniture for the right kind of budget. It keeps their brand visual but subtle & staying top of mind. The Silverline Evolution seating pictured has solution dyed outdoor fabric combined with an internal elastic system for high back seating & comfort. Premium non-fade UV rating, totally waterproof and easy to clean, these wonderful indoor-outdoor products have given Brown Brothers a versatile and classy lounging option that they are proud to place their brand on.

If your company or event would like a fast quote on custom branded soft furniture, ambient lounge can do anything from 10 pieces to 10,000+ please call Jen, Blance or Gary on 1300 707 121 or live chat our crew.