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The rise of designer co-living projects and the sharing economy (its not just for expats & students anymore).

13 Mar 2019
by James Brandon
Co-living development in Hawthorn, Victoria and aspiration outdoor/indoor space with ambient lounge butterfly sofas

Since 2005 the rise of adults aged 18-35 living with housemates has increase by around 25%. This is a bold statistic that cant be ignored by commercial developers and professional accommodation provide

You only need to look at the rise of Uber and AirBnB in society to see that today is a sharing economy. The culture is noticeably shifting & design will follow. Iconic accommodation brands such as Soho house (London) moving into the co-living design space shows the commercial potential of this growing sector.

It's not all about the cost of living either, though the benefits of sharing the rising costs of major city living are obvious. As new generational Aussies cluster to cities like Melbourne and Sydney seeking work; co-living residences became hubs where diverse immigrants, single men and women, workers of all backgrounds could live affordably and mingle with others in desirable shared spaces. It's not just cost saving - it's exciting, educational and interesting and getting the best value for your money at the same time.

Above: Shinijia in shanghai use ambient lounge Twin Couches in over 200 inner-city apartments in some of the world's most competitive work locations such as Jing 'An and People's Square. Giving often simple and affordable small shared spaces versatility, tactility, design & home feeling.

Co-living spaces themselves now need to compete not just on value but on lifestyle. Commercial co-living providers need to ask themselves "what is important to my target market and what can i uniquely provide"?

The communal areas and choice of furniture and decor are crucial. Home cinema areas, outdoor balconies and entertainment areas are where housemates gather and need to feel at home with. It's often the design and feeling of these areas that win over your residential market.

Pictured Above: Communal Cinema area in Balwyn, Victoria developed with the Blue Earth design & architect group.

Ambient Lounge are specialists in project development and can work with your specific needs. Our groups have worked with leading co-living providers such in Australia, Japan, Chile, UK, Germany, Singapore, Korea and Russia for both interior and outdoor furniture that is aspirational, versatile and flexible for residents.

If you would like a free design consultancy with ambient lounge, we would be happy to work with your co-living project in Melbourne, Sydney or any Australian location. We offer free fabric swatches and all of of our beautiful products are available to interior designers in 3D and concept renders welcome for larger projects. Please call on 1300 707 121 for more info.