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escape technology by design. Inspiring relaxation rooms are within reach.

25 Aug 2017
by James Brandon
relaxation room melbourne non technology
It's a digital age without repent.
Why not slow down for a few minutes each day? Take some time out to create a technology-free relaxation zone ... just like what one of our global clients did with her beautiful, tasteful, mood-inspiring reading room.
It's surprisingly cathartic no matter how fast you think your life should be.
No mega-screen TV. No computers. No boom boxes. No vaccum robots... just beautiful naturally calming greenery, fish, ambient lounge textures, warm rugs, cushions and soothing timber tones that invite your mind to rest form the constant digital noise we are exposed to.
non technology reading room with beautiful ambient lounge modular twin couch in luscious grey fabric
ah technology. we love it at times but do we also resent its omnipresence?
For many there seems to be no escape. The phone is beside us even when we sleep and the second we wake up. People are texting us and we're getting more & more requests (relevant or irrelevant) from social and work sources instantly. Like it or not, in the digital era we are wedded to technology in Australia and it's only going to become more integrated into our lives from smart appliances to robotics and wearable technology that measures and tracks everything. Big brother is coming true.
However, as our interior design client Yupinoko shows us, you don't have to let it engulf every room of your house. Create a non technology haven with ambient lounge modular bean bag furniture that also gives your room flexibility of design.
Pictured in this beautiful room is the Movie Couch Mod3 Set by Ambient Lounge, in luscious grey fabric, split into single seating options to fit the mood of the day. These lightweight pieces can be joined and moved at will to face sunlight, accomodate guests or vary the experience.
modular single bean bag by ambient lounge luscious grey fabric exposed brick reading room
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