shanghai design week. "you are beautiful" exhibition creative space.

31 Aug 2017
by James Brandon
Photography, fashion, design & art.
It's a deliciously creative combination for the senses and thats what exploded during the recent Shanghai fashion week in one of the World's fastest moving cities.
Twin Ottoman bean bag by ambient lounge at fashion week in keystone grey fabric
The YYO foundation showcases some of the world's best youthful photography talent and asked Ambient Lounge to collaborate with their minimalist space to help compliment the aesthetic and atmposhere. It's "You Are Beautiful" show was just that .. combining industrial chic with music, photography, video and art to present the works of it's creative youth.
Standing or sitting - the surrounds overwhelmed the audience senses with talent that moved you. Our Ambient Lounge Twin Ottoman and modular pieces were just the tactile accents to compliment the high design feel.
Ambient Lounge modular bean bags and Shanghai fashion week

By using modular ottoman (low) seating the room could stay completely open and the attention on the wall photography visuals. The elastic form of the beautiful ottomans added to the atmosphere of creativity as well as the tactility of the linen based keystone grey fabric adding to the industrial atmosphere.
Ambient lounge photo gallery YYO shanghai you are beautiful
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