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Stress in the city. Drop in Meditation Studios with ambient lounges help heal the minds of busy London professionals

13 Apr 2019
by James Brandon
Beautiful Tiny House light filled living room with soft ambient lounge luxury

It's not always easy to switch off mentally during a working day. Even if you step away from your desk at lunchtime - which many people don’t - you're still connected. Phones ring, emails ping, deadlines loom.

We sometime focus so much on a healthy body that having a healthy mind can get a little neglected. In the age of digital anxiety, breakneck speed & long working hours the NHS says that a sixth of the adult population in England now have a mental health problem.

InHere Studios have a unique urban concept to help all of us get that need the respite we desperately need …. with beautiful custom-built meditation pods, ambient lounge structured bean bag furniture & cathartic music. Professionals can just drop in and literally unplug from the city, in a resort-style space that feels dream-like & mentally refreshing.

Inhere (which means to exists within) brings together the love of beautiful spaces, busy cities, the science of the mind and the wonder of sitting in silence. Founders Adiba & Ghazal are are experienced wellbeing professionals with an acute awareness of the benefits and techniques of meditation … and the need for such spaces:

“With our InHere booths, you can experience what it’s like to just stop and listen. You can rest. You can think. You can do whatever it is you need to find absolute stillness and focus on you … not the external noise of the city"

So well received was their first-ever studios in central London that they have opened a second studio in Fitzrovia. The Inhere duo are also planning to take their mobile meditation pods into office spaces where frequent coffee breaks might one day be semi-replaced by wellness meditation session. Ambient Lounge are proud to be an integral feature of such a positive living movement.

Pictured above: Evolution Sofa in Eco Weave Fabric plus matching ottoman.

If you have an Australian meditation or Yoga studio and would like a free design consultancy with ambient lounge to see how our structured lounges can work for you. All of our beautiful products are available to interior designers in 3D and concept renders welcome for larger projects. Please call project managers on 1300 707 121 for more info