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Best Seats in the House for 2020 (2021) Tokyo Summer Olympics

23 Jul 2021
by James Brandon

After a year of waiting to see if would even go ahead at all, the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics (yes they still have to keep that title) kicks off with the opening ceremony today and runs until August 8, 2021.

However, these Olympics will feel a little eerie without crowds - relegating them to a TV-only event. The IOC announced that the 2020 Olympic Games will take place with no fans to cheer on the athletes, due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Japan and subsequent local concerns of the spread. Both international & local fans will be enjoying this historical event at the comforts of their homes - but Aussie fans will be buoyed by the friendly timezone as Japan is only one hour behind east coast Australia.

So set yourself up at home to cheer on some Aussie gold. Whether you watch it through Channel 7's TV, app or online streaming, give yourself the gift the ambient lounge Gold Class seats to fit your home cinema living space

Man watches football match in television in absolute comfort in Butterfly bean bag Sofa

Couple in red watches Olympics in black twin couch

Support our Australian Swimmers as they freestyle their way for the Tokyo Olympics gold medal in absolute lush and comfort from our Twin Couch

Australian girl cheering ang watching TV during the Olympics 2020 in her black Ambient Lounge bean bag sofa chair

Being the least impacted country during the COVID-19 Pandemic, can we expect Team New Zealand to outperform expectations at this Olympiad?

Complete your sports lounge room with our Acoustic Sofa for the cozy full body support that’s perfect for athletics & swimming marathon sessions. If you're allowed to invite friend over (check your local covid rules) even better - the lightweight modular furniture allows you to host a big family or mini crowd.

Ambient Lounge is a product Aussie designer brand with global distribution. We like to think of ourselves as "gold medallists" of the world's soft furniture industry. So no matter where you are in the world, there is an ambient lounge distributor nearby - such as these countries participating in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

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EDITORS FOOTNOTE: Early this week, Brisbane was officially announced as the host city of the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics Games. Ambient Lounge hope to work with Olympic organizers and teams to be there with fanzones just like we do for the Australian Open Tennis and English Football Team at the World Cup and European Championships.

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