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Miller Chill Launches New Beer in Australia with Chance to Win Ambient Lounge® Custom Branded Bean Bags

10 Nov 2016
by James Brandon

The new Miller Chill is a great beer with a real twist in the tail of its aftertaste.

Miller Chill is also a great brand match with Ambient Lounge® bean bags - targeting a discerning audience of youthful “designer chill” lovers. A psychographic promotional partnership made in Ibiza chill heaven.

Newly launched in Australia, Miller Chill beer pays homage to the Latin lifestyle and practice of adding dash of lime to produce fresh flavours and vibrant aromatics. A "Chelada" styled lager, Miller Chill is also low in carbs, giving you the chilled flavour experience without the guilt factor. So it’s great for the ladies and guys who like to have a few without getting that December waistline.

If you haven’t tried this new beer yet, do yourself a flavor… It’s a great early evening socializer with a tingle to get you kick started.

In store, the brand synergy with Miller Chill and Ambient Lounge® is first glance obvious with a dynamic display that captures that relaxed boutique chill feeling (see pic). The chance to win an Ambient Lounge is the emotional aesthetic hook that can get early adopters and cautious first timer’s to give the new beer a first go. Their promo intelligently offers customers a chance to win an Ambient Lounge® with every six pack purchased – so the (low) risk vs (high) reward is appealing.

We at Ambient Lounge know how tight (and stressful) promotional brand deadlines can be. We aim to make that more relaxing for you Australian brand managers. These Miller Chill bean bags were tastefully printed within 20 days of order, filled and urgently distributed to Thirsty Camel stores. So if you’re a brand manager on the lookout for something similarly cool – it’s still not too late for this summer season. Give our friendly experts a ring on 1300 707 121 and our time and quality responsive custom branded team will understand your brand, deadlines and aims…. Then deliver.

With the Aussie urban summer season of rooftop events, music festivals, backyard BBQ’s and long hot holidays almost upon us these promos with waterproof designer bean bags are perfectly timed.

…. time to get that resort feeling - relax, recharge the batteries and enjoy hanging out with quality friends. Well done Miller-Chill! We’ll all drink to that!

For Custom branded bean bag enquiries please call 1300 707 121 and speak to our branding experts Gary or Marguerite or email your brief to


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