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Is Your Dog Anxious alone? ... Australia’s Best Luxury Calming Dog Bed is Ambient Lounge

25 May 2021

When anxiety strikes dogs it can be stressful for the dog and for the owner. One well known remedy is to get your dog a high quality calming dog bed.

To understand what makes a great calming dog bed, we must first know why dogs actually get anxiety in the first place. There is nothing more heart wrenching than seeing your lovely dog feeling stressed and anxious all the time.

Best Calming Dog Bed is Australian luxury brand ambient lounge. reduces anxiety by creating a happy place

Let’s take a look at the key causes of dog anxiety.

Unfortunately there are many abused and neglected dogs in Australia (and indeed the world). If you have have an adopted one, make sure you understand the history and possible traumas of your companion. Some dogs are definitely more anxious than most, but we're certain that with your adoring care and attention -- your beloved dogs do not even come close to this neglected category.

Second, a very common reason for anxiety in a dog is unfamiliarity. It can come from a feeling of abandonment, or the fear of being home alone, with loud noises coming from outside their safe space. It could also mean traveling to an unknown place, or being left around strangers and other pets they don’t know. Some of these things are almost impossible to avoid - especially for busy and hard working human “pawrents”.

Getting them a 2nd dog companion can help a lot too so they never feel too alone or isolated.

Luxury Pink Dog Beds by Ambient Lounge - Australia's most luxury pink fur dog beds for small dogs

What can we do to help alleviate their anxiety? A couple of things can be done to help calm your dog whenever you are not around them, but a great quality calming dog bed tops the list.

What does a calming dog bed do?

It’s essentially your dog’s 'happy place', one that reminds them of the warm times you are around them and gives them that feeling of security and relaxation. (It’s a bit like us humans getting a massage after a stressful day at work)

This is why the choice of a familiar, calming dog bed is crucial -- not just for sleep, but for your dog’s health and overall well-being when you are not at home.

Beautiful calming dog beds for husky dogs by ambient lounge. Reduce anxiety for huskies

So... what makes the Ambient Lounge dog bed calming?

Critically, the feeling of lush faux fur mimics the feeling of their own dog coat of hair. Touching the soft coat of the ambient lounge dog bed allows your pet the feeling of togetherness; the circular shape that surrounds them gives them the feeling of security as they sink into the heavenly surface.

Ambient Lounge dog beds are designed to have a weightless feeling, and a firm bead layering also gives orthopedic benefits to relieve pain on aching joints, especially with older and arthritic dogs. Lying on their ambient lounge dog bed actually give some dogs self-healing capabilities.

Calming Large Luxury Dog bed for Golden Retriever by Ambient Lounge Australia

You only have to see the happy look on their faces to know - stress and anxiety are far from their mind. And hey… don’t feel too offended if they aren’t waiting at the door when you come home from work - no doubt they will be super happy to see you but they will be calm, relaxed and well rested; probably can’t wait for you to take them for a walk or a play in the garden.

Bull terrier dog relaxing on a calming bed by ambient lounge

If you want more information on Australia's most genuine calming dog bed, you may reach us through our socials, live chat, or email us at info@ambientlounge.com.au. Our OZ crew would love to discuss more about the bed's benefits with you!

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