Delivering daily Australia-wide with hygienic, contactless protocol. Non-modular orders received fast (2-5 days)

During the Victorian Coronavirus ambient lounge® still deliver daily, ethically & hygienically. Here's how ...

21 Jul 2020
by James Brandon
How are ambient lounge® Australia are able to deliver daily during the Victorian Coronavirus Crisis?

Firstly we hope that all our Australian customers stay safe, comfortable and healthy in this highly challenging time of masks, restrictions and curfews.

Ambient Lounge home comfort during the coronavirus crisis

Many of you are asking if we are still able to deliver if you order now during lockdown. The answer? Absolutely! Ambient Lounge® Australia are fully open for business as (un)usual. We are proudly delivering happiness and comfort to Aussie households daily with contactless, premium hygiene, ethical protocol.

Customers have been thanking us for making their new normal stay-at-home lifestyle more bearable and even enjoyable for interiors, outdoors and their pets.

Customer FAQ: How can you be open in Victoria when you are not really an "essential" business?

Answer: Our Ambient Lounge filling factory depots (and central Melbourne warehouse) also manufacture polystyrene products for medical and supermarket industries - critical in this Coronavirus crisis. Our filling depot not only should but must stay open; as instructed and approved by the Australian government.

Customer FAQ: OK. How are you protecting your own staff during the crisis?

Answer: We are operating a skeleton staff with rotating shifts of one person at a time in the warehouse - all other staff (such as customer service) are asked to work from their home. Our logistics staff are practicing the highest levels of hygeine & take a mandatory temperature reading pre shift.

All of our Deliveries are via Australia Post and Amazon Australia via contactless delivery system. During this time signatures are not required and distances are maintained. Drivers also wear protective clothing such as gloves.

Customer FAQ: I'm uncertain of my job & therefore financial future, can you offer financing?

Answer: Yes. (via Afterpay) Afterpay approved customers are able to break up their payments so they can lounge now and pay later. Afterpay approvals are subject tho their platform rules.

Customer FAQ: How fast can you deliver ... and will there be delays during Coronavirus?

Answer: We despatch next day and still deliver most non-modular items and filling (such as Butterfly Sofa, Avatar Lounge, Twin couch, Satellite Twin Sofa) within 1-4 days - anywhere in Australia. It's possible in some case to have small delays for country areas and longer distances. Modular orders in Melbourne and Sydney take 1-2 weeks and Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Tas modular orders can take a little longer.

We're here to help Australia relax at home - and reduce anxiety in tough times. If you need advice on buying ambient lounges® for your home (human or pet) please feel free to live chat us or call on 1300 707 121 - we'll be happy to help. Throughout the Covid19 crisis we will have good quantities of stock and can deliver most orders within 1-4 days, anywhere in Australia.