Bean bag beans ain't all the same. The choice between UltraBead™ vs Ordinary Bead

07 Jul 2016
by Grant Morris

Just like oils ain't oils - bean bag beans ain't beans. There is a substantial difference in quality, density and performance.

Ambient Lounge® Ultra-Bead™ is Australia's best quality bean bag bead. Period.

“Why" you might ask? "Aren’t all bean bag beads the same"? Well they are certainly not and by some margin. Don't be fooled by the cheaper mass super-market regular beads - they are larger and filled with more air - which means after a small amount of time they will compress under your body weight and need a lot of beads for topping up. They are only ok for shapeless traditional 'blob’ style bean bags - where shape and form aren't important. We would not recommend such bean bag filling for real bean bag furniture – whether that be the ambient lounge brand or otherwise.

So you could say that Kmart, Target, Big W, Spotlight bean bags beads are cheaper bean bag beans in volume only – but not mass. So they are not better value for money.

Our Ultra-Bead™ is 50% higher density which means far less noise, way less compression, more comfort and subtle movement underneath your body weight - so your bean bag furniture can keep its lovely shape and performance for longer. You will only need a small amount of bead for topping up after months rather than large bean bag sag. Seeing and sitting is believing.

Just look at the photo comparison to see the difference in density between regular bead vs our Ultra Bead. We don’t run our beads through mass market channels, we custom make our manufacturing machines and proudly make them in Australia to commercial grade specification and they are available throughout Australia to metro regions from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tasmania and we have  slightly modified ultra-bead available for Perth.

For the best out of your stuctured bean bag furniture - and years of comfort and performance - only Ultra-Bead is good enough for your body and peace of mind.


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