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PENINSULA NOMADS: designing a GLAMPING experience to spread relaxation, celebration & joy in the COVID era

04 Oct 2020

relaxing Ambient Lounge butterfly sofa and versa table in a tipi

Is it really possible to go glamping in 2020 and get that genuine, all sensory holiday experience? …. You bet it is! Right here on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

The innovation & imagination of Peninsula Nomads is a shining beacon of light in what could be depressing times for many couples and families. They offer personalized, affordable, unique designer tipi experiences … creating warm, cathartic, safe spaces to hang out in, that will overwhelmingly brighten the mood. What’s more, they often build these amazing tipis within the accessibility of their customer’s own backyard.

Ambient Lounge® is thrilled to be an integral part of the feel-good vibe with a design partnership.

Big comfy double beds, gorgeous ambient lounge® bean bags, soft lighting, picnic spreads, florals, personalized messages and lots of little treats like cookies & fine champagne. You’ll probably wonder if you even had it this good at your wedding!

Ambient Lounge Evolution Sofa and Versa Table in Silverline in a Tipi

So, who needs an occasion? … If you have the space, they’ll build the dream in a matter of hours … and come and sprinkle some fairy dust over it in the process. No reason is the best reason to treat yourself, however these tipis are super fab for marriage proposals, surprise birthdays, kids’ safe sleepovers, anniversaries and coupled-up outdoor movie nights.

Care, attention to detail and sharing genuine happiness with your loved ones are at the core of the Peninsula Nomads mission. After all this is the way they have led their own life living from Europe to South America and their new home in Australia.

A weekend “home getaway” starts for as little as $250 and you can add as many treats on top as you like… like an ambient lounge® or three?

So why do glamping with tipis & bean bags now?

Ambient Lounge Evolution Sofas and Versa Table in Silverline in a Tipi

For many Australians, the new normal of the Covid19 era has brought an unprecedented, sharp lifestyle change. We limit our interactions with people, can’t travel and we face the challenge of finding new, creative ways to enjoy the comforts of our own home. We can appreciate life in another light the people and things we love the most.

There are many essential things that we have to pay attention to during the pandemic, but our personal well-being is the ground on which we stand. Positive mental health is pivotal to conquering these times and coming out on top.

Ambient Lounge Evolution Sofas and Versa Table in Silverline in a Tipi

Facilitating relaxation spaces, personal bonding experiences, and small socially connected celebrations is important.

Peninsula Nomads get it.

Have a chat to them and they’ll get you.

“Sometimes all you need to do is watch, listen and experience escapes that are created just for you”Peninsula Nomads

Ambient Lounge Evolution Sofas and Versa Table in Silverline in a Tipi

Ambient Lounge® loves glamping and outdoor cinema. Our loungers are comfy, cozy, flexible, and lightweight transportable lightweight so people can enjoy anywhere they desire. If you’re creating your own commercial outdoor space and would like to discuss your concept with Ambient Lounge® please live chat or contact us on 1300 707 121. Our Australian interior design team will be in touch.