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Aussies and Kiwis absolutely love Staffy Dogs

31 Aug 2019
by James Brandon

A Staffy is a dog. Not just any dog. A favorite dog of Australian people. While it doesn't make the list of the top 10 most popular breeds of dog in the world – it’s high up on any Aussie or Kiwi list. Here's why:

Staffy's are a popular breed because of their amazing athletic agility and toned muscular bodies, which makes them appear visually tough ….. while at the same time they are loving, courageous and loyal family dogs that are overwhelmingly people-friendly.

If you’re an Aussie Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner, you’ll swear that they are unlike most other dogs. Staffys have a unique hardness, underpinned by an emotional softness … and a certain vitality unparalleled with other breeds. You will have your “Staffy blinkers” on, just like the eyes you have for your favorite football team.

A staffy has traits of the good old Aussie and Kiwi worker … hard yakka with a little bit of flair and a hint of a confident strut. We think the owners see a little bit of themselves in a staffy (and visa versa). Staffies… no doubt … believe in their souls that they’re… human and can replicate doing human things.

They are the Aussie people’s dog. As a Melbourne comedian Nick Cody once famously said “Nobody on the BRW Top 200 Rich List, knows what a Staffy is … The best thing about being the owner of a Staffy, Cody explains, is that they’re “a proper dog”.

Ambient Lounge thinks that what a “proper dog” is a personal choice, however we couldn't help but be amused by his justification …

“I live in the Inner North of Melbourne, I’m the only one with a proper dog. I see a lot of my neighbours walking around with what they happen to think are dogs but what I see are tiny pieces of sh*t attached to a string.” In an attempt to describe what owning a Staffy is like to non-Staffy owners, Cody likens it to “living with a tiny hurricane made out of bricks”.

Ambient Lounge® thinks they are a pretty cute hurricanes … we adore Staffies like our famous Staffy ambassador Ramsey. That’s why we have made our chew resistant dog beds 99.9% “Staffy proof” and the bases waterproof …

Thousands of Staffy owners globally own ambient lounge beds. And it’s great to see the soft side of that ball of muscle cuddling up at night …. dreaming of jumping into lakes, sprinting after cats and jogging happily next to their much-loved Aussie and Kiwi families