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The gentle giants of the dog world ... Great Danes

29 Sep 2020

Great Dane chilling on an Ambient Lounge Luxury XXL Dog Bed

As much as we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, well — we shouldn’t judge giant doggos by their outward and often intimidating appearance, too. Great Danes are the perfect example for this. Although they are one of the world’s largest dog breeds, Great Danes are well-mannered and friendly dogs, propelling them to the list of top favourite breeds by dog lovers all over the world.

Often called gentle giants… Just how big are they? Well, they weigh a whopping average of 120 to 200 pounds for males, and 100 to 130 pounds for females!

Super comfortable Great Dane sleeping soundly on an Ambient Lounge luxury XXL pet bed

Yep, you read that right… Big enough to take over your whole bed or sofa. Crazy? Well, their ‘giant nature’ adds to the beauty and charm of these majestic dogs. On top of this, Great Danes are also famous for their joyful spirits that can turn any bad day around; and their sweet, loving companionship with their owners.

Trivia: Great Danes doesn’t do well alone. They need their humans! In fact, they looove cuddling. Belly rubs, tight hugs, and warm snuggles are definitely included in their everyday to-do list.

Playful Great Dane lying on an Ambient Lounge luxury XXL pet bed

Great Danes sure love a good playtime. They make strong emotional bonds with children as well, and they are protective of the people around them. They will guard their home with their lives, making them wonderful and loyal family pets.

They may be giant, but they don’t need much maintenance aside from human companionship, and the physical space where they can walk around and play, stretch, and sleep to energize for another play day ahead.

Giant Great Dane sitting comfortably on top of an Ambient Lounge luxury XXL pet bed

Great Danes have hearts as big as their physical bodies. If you own one, consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. They deserve all the comfort in the world we can give, and an Ambient Lounge XXL pet bed ticks one of those boxes. Use the code AUST10 to get 10% off a giant bed for your Great Dane today.

Sleepy Great Dane lounging on an Ambient Lounge luxury XXL pet bed

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