Green Zone Design : How Innovative Schools Care For Troubled Students

06 Mar 2017
by James Brandon
Growing up in a demanding, fast-paced digital world can be pretty stressful. As students learn more about who they are – and the pains of adolescence, homework and peer group pressures kick in - they need an escape. Exeter primary school in...

Designer Commercial Seaside Housing - Cornwall & East Sussex (UK)

30 Sep 2015
by James Brandon
These aware winning eco houses are situated in the beautiful seaside area of Cornwall, UK. Blending soft sensitivity into killer hillside views, these homes open un invitingly and ooze that "Sunday relaxation”  feel with some...

Southampton University Premium Dorm Rooms & Cinema Space (UK)

29 Sep 2015
by James Brandon
University dorms aren’t what they used to be!   Now Uni is big business with the more affluent (mainly overseas) students renting out premium apartments in great locations with all the creature comforts of a 5star hotel...