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Home Accents and Decors: Styling your House in Australia

10 Mar 2022
by Krizza Padroncillo Barlocher

When you begin to think of building or buying a house, the first thing that you think about is how it looks from the outside. You think of the colour, the finish, how big it is going to be and how many stories. The next thing that you think about is the interior of your house. The space, the lighting and the overall theme. However, some people are more particular and think about home decor or interior decoration. This means picking out centre tables and accent chairs that match, selecting the perfect throws and cushions on your couch or bean bag lounger and a whole lot more. For most people, this is a piece of cake. However, for those of you who do not particularly know where to begin but love pretty things in your house, don’t you worry-we’ve got you. Here are a few things to get you started when decorating your new Aussie home. 

Mod5 in Black Sapphire

Home Decorating Tip #1: Set the tone of your home 

Every home has a distinct tone. This reflects the vibe and shows a glimpse of the personalities living in that home. This involves the overall architecture, colour and furniture choices. For instance, you may opt to go for a certain colour or theme like beige and white, black and white, or explore pops of colour that go with neutral colours. You may want to look into different types of loungers and find one that best fits your personality and the tone that you’ve decided to set.  

In setting the tone of your Aussie home, remember that it is best to reflect on your personality and what message you want to convey when people enter your house. For instance, some people may prefer to style their house in a Moroccan way. This is because that is their personal preference. A bachelor may decide to style his home differently than someone with a wife and kids. 

Home Cinema with Ambient Lounge Avatar Bean Bags in Keystone Grey

Home Decorating Tip #2: Choose your colours wisely! 

When we say to choose your colours wisely, it doesn’t just refer to the paint you choose for your walls. The colour of your furniture and accents also come along with this. For instance, if you are going for a black and white aesthetic for your new Australian home, you may want to look at indoor furniture like a couch or a lounger that is either black or white. Colours play an important part in making sure that the house that you are building either for yourself or your family is visually pleasing. This ties up the elements in your home together. You can choose from a variation of seating that blends with the current colours that you have in mind. Just remember to take in comfort over style. 

 To help you out, here are some choices for you to look at based on some colour palettes:

Black and white: 

  1. Butterfly Sofa in Black Sapphire
  2. Butterfly Sofa in Tundra Spring
  3. Avatar Lounger in Black Rock
  4. Avatar Lounger in Black Sapphire
  5. Versa Table in Black Sapphire
  6. Acoustic Sofa in Keystone Grey
  7. Acoustic Sofa in Black Sapphire
  8. Mod5 Living Lounge in Black Sapphire
  9. Mod6 Lounge Max in Titanium Weave

White and Beige 

  1. Butterfly Sofa in Eco Weave
  2. Butterfly Sofa in Hot Chocolate
  3. Butterfly Sofa in Mudhoney Dune
  4. Twin Couch in Eco Weave
  5. Twin Couch in Tundra Spring
  6. Mod6 Lounge Max in Silverline

Neutral with Pops of Colour 

  1. Butterfly Sofa in Sakura Pink
  2. Butterfly Sofa in Lime Citrus
  3. Butterfly Sofa in Wildberry Deluxe
  4. Wing Ottoman in Crimson Vibe
  5. Wing Ottoman in Limespa
  6. Avatar Lounger in Lime Citrus
  7. Avatar Lounge in Blue Jazz

Woman getting cozy on Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa with Merino Wool Throw

Home Decorating Tip #3: Use decorative and functional home decors 

It’s not enough to simply add a vase filled with flowers or a fountain somewhere. In building and decorating your new house in Australia, you may want to add home decors that is both luxurious and functional. Look into adding a couple of throws and cushions to go with your stunning loungers.

Merino Wool Luxury Throw by ambient lounge Leave it on your couch and wrap it around you to keep you warm during chilly nights.

Deluxe Faux Fur Throw by ambient lounge: Are you the faux fur type? Experience a different kind of soft and cosy feel with the deluxe faux fur throw. Not only does it look luxurious, it certainly does feel so as well!

Deluxe Faux Fur Cushion:  Why stop at faux fur throws when you can match it with faux fur throws too? The next thing to think about after settling with a couch is your throw pillow choices. Not only does this add comfort, but it also brightens up your seating space.

All set to decorate your new Australian home? Grab what best fits the style that you have in mind. We’d love to see how your decorating turns out. Tag is @ambientlounge on Instagram and let’s show off that new home of yours.