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Mod 6 Lounge Max - Titanium Weave (UV Grade AA+)
Mod 6 Lounge Max - Titanium Weave (UV Grade AA+) Mod 6 Lounge Max - Titanium Weave (UV Grade AA+) Mod 6 Lounge Max - Titanium Weave (UV Grade AA+) Mod 6 Lounge Max - Titanium Weave (UV Grade AA+) Mod 6 Lounge Max - Titanium Weave (UV Grade AA+) Mod 6 Lounge Max - Titanium Weave (UV Grade AA+)

Mod 6 Lounge Max - Titanium Weave (UV Grade AA+)

Mod 6 - Lounge Max
Filled & Ready to Lounge

An epic lounge set that is just at home outside than in. Leave the titanium weave Mod6 outside with confidence in any Aussie weather - rain, hail or shine

The complete modern living room, decking, poolside, home cinema or urban balcony solution, the Ambient Lounge® Lounge Max in AA+ grade UV indoor/outdoor elements fabric will amaze you with its sheer comfort, supportive structure, lightweight versatility and designer looks.

It’s big. It’s heavenly, contemporary and gorgeously tactile … oh …. did we mention it’s BIG? 

See why Aussie Interior designers and architects are raving about this soft modular revolution by Ambient Lounge. Ideal for Co-living spaces, family home entertainment areas, hotel lobby and airport lounges, design studio receptions, industrial renovation spaces or kids rumpus rooms – this epic, quilted, waterproof. modular setup will probably have a few of your rowdy household sleeping before bedtime. Problem solved!

Set it up as an outdoor lounge suite or on a big urban balcony set .... suits expansive spaces where you are entertaining and stains and spills just wipe off with ease.

The newest outdoor modular furniture must-have is now brought to you by ambient lounge! Relax and enjoy a fabulous day outside while chilling by the pool, enjoying quality time with friends or having an evening drink on a waterproof bean bag modular set in Titanium Weave.

This modular furniture comes in a soft yet strong fabric that can withstand the typical Australia weather. Rain, hail, snow and extreme sun? Bring on! Though if you are thinking of adding this to your home theater, your living room or any other indoor space, no problem there! Even if this set is an outdoor modular bean bag, there is no doubt that it is stylish and luxurious enough to bring inside your fabulous home.

WATCH: Function Combined with Style in this Modular Soft Furniture

The Titanium Weave fabric that we use for our bean bags is a soft yet sleek black-grey fabric that exudes elegance altogether. Perfect to match any home interior, particularly black and white, grey and a variation of other home colour palettes, this gorgeous bean bag furniture fabric from ambient lounge is everything but ordinary.

The Titanium weave fabric not only is super elegant to match your Aussie lifestyle, it also has all the qualities that you need from an outdoor bean bag chair. Waterproof and durable to withstand Australia weather: rain, hail, snow and extreme sun, it certainly does make a good addition to any outdoor space.
Super thick (but nice and soft) and fully waterproof nylon 1680D weight material with bonded rubber backing. For breathability and moulded comfort, the Titanium Weave fabric also comes with a SmartVent™ System that has been added under the carrying handle. This is to ensure that your fabulous new waterproof bean bag chair does not pop and trap heat, unlike most bean bags.

  • High Density Ultra-Bead™ Fill
  • Lightweight, easy adjust & transport
  • Modular versatile zip system
  • Pre-Filled and Ready-to-Lounge
  • Soft Safe Edges ideal for Playful Kids
  • Tensile Elastic Structure & Stability
  • Thickly Quilted Soft Furniture
  • Top-Up Filling Care Kit.
  • Waterproof all Elements fabric
  • YKK Safety-Locking Zip & Funnelweb™ System
Ambient Lounge
Modular 6 piece set

Ambient Lounge® outdoor bean bags are waterproof and UV resistant. This stunning bean bag furniture set is made of very thick, durable 1200D and 1600D high-quality nylon fabrics with rubber backing, made to cope with the rain, hail or shine in any Australian outdoor condition. Water, beer, white wine and other non-staining liquids run off the surface and can literally be wiped clean. Food, mud and other reasonable scuff stains can be washed clean with soap and water - just like washing a car.

Durability, easy cleaning maintenance and style/comfort are reasons why commercial establishments like the Moonlight Cinema and Burswood outdoor cinema use these ambient lounge outdoor furniture with confidence

Watch: How water just runs off the surface and easily wipes clean for easy outdoor maintenance.

Love Outdoor Living? Waterproof, UV protected fabrics make Ambient Lounge® outdoor bean bags awesome

WATCH: Why Washing Ambient Lounge® Bean Bags are as Easy as Cleaning your Car

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