Small Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed (Cappuccino)
Small Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed (Cappuccino) Small Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed (Cappuccino) Small Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed (Cappuccino) Small Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed (Cappuccino) Small Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed (Cappuccino) small dog bed fur australia cute dog melbourne

Small Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed (Cappuccino)

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Ambient Lounge® Dog Bed Cappuccino – Small

Treat your small, adorable dogs to sheer opulence with a new range of Premium Dog Beds, lovingly made in a subtly elegant, cozy cappuccino fabric to die for. From the world’s most loved dog bed, comes this beautiful premium pooch version with fresh cozy, tactile, textures and natural shades that not only feel amazing for your beloved fur babies, but are a style statement for interior designers.

No matter how good it looks - it feels even better. Just seeing your dogs happy, cute sleeping faces on the new dog bed is reward enough.

This luxuriously lush cappuccino 1150g/s faux fur is especially fitting for contemporary Scandinavian, mid-century modern rustic & earthy organic interior tastes. It features a removable, washable, light (frosted) coffee shade. Watch as your dog climbs in, spins around in a circle, and then sinks into this furry heaven of a dog bed — be warned, ‘cause you might even end up wanting to squeeze yourself in beside them as well!

The two-tone sand base is chew resistant, waterproof and tough enough to last for years. It’s super easy to clean and is just as happy outdoors as inside. Zip of the faux fur top if the weather is warmer for your dog to sleep on a cooler surface and mix with our thermocool mats.

Give your best friend the very best because they deserve nothing less than our Premium Dog Bed in tasty Canine Cloud9 Cappuccino.

This dog bed is best for: Maltese, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Toy/Mini Poodle, Terrier, Bichon Frise, Japanese Chin, Papillon, Pekingese, Yorkshire Terrier, and other tiny breeds of dogs.

For our Ambient Lounge Dog Bed we picked a luxuriously lush cappuccino colour for practical reasons (if the pet's hair is shedding or it jumps on the bed very dirty) as well as aesthetics (cappuccino will go with all landscapes of your house). The superb faux fur quality is unrivalled in pet furniture and even in human furniture. Dog's love the feeling and you will love the look. It's so comfy that don't be surprised if a few of your family try and use it too!

Outdoor Base: Is made from stylish two-tone interwoven Waterproof and chew-resistant soft nylon 1200D weight composite bonded with rubberised backing. For breathability and molded comfort the SmartVent™ System has been added under the carry handle. Great for when your dog needs to sleep or rest outside, in the garage, in a kennel or on the balcony.

Faux Fur Cover: Thick and luxurious, this faux fur cover is made from the highest quality so that your dog will be in heaven. Unlike other fake fur products on the markets, the hairs on our cover will rarely come away and provide a very deep base for your animal to sink and surround themselves. The proof of how much your pet will love it is in the sleeping. They absolutely love it. Thousands of happy dogs and their owners who already own an Ambient Lounge Dog Bed worldwide are living proof. The cover zips away so that you may wash and care for it and keep your pet's hygiene at the level they deserve.

  • Carry handle and lightweight design
  • Contoured Piping
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Removable premium faux fur cover
  • Rounded with high walls and sunken sleeping area for doggie comfort/security
  • Safety Locking YKK Zip
  • Soft, quilted bedding area
  • Vent system for fabric breathability and comfort
  • Waterproof & chew resistant base
  • Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels

Dimensions of Small Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed:

Height 15 cm
Width 47 cm
Depth 64 cm

- Our premium Dog Bed fabric is washable, chew resistant and durable. The waterproof base can be washed like you would do a car. You may scrub vigourously with lukewarm water and soap and it will come up clean. So no matter how much dog slobber (or worse) gets on the base, it can be easily cleaned and scrub up as new. You may also decant the beans and cold machine wash the base and line dry.

- Remove the faux fur top for washing and gently cold machine wash to remove hairs for better dog hygiene. Line dry until completely dry - do not place back damp.

- In very hot weather or outdoors - We recommend to remove the faux fur top and the base will be cool and refreshing for your dog. Alternatively indoors you may choose to add frozen gel packs underneath the faux fur base to help cool your doggie down.

- In some cases, your dog may try and chew the fabric, but apart from scuffing the faux fur, will find it very difficult to penetrate the base with its teeth. This fabric is 1200D strong, rubber backed and very chew resistant. For aggressive dogs, keeping the dog bed in a tighter place where your dog does not have the leverage to grab and shake the dog bed is preferred.

Rec. Filling Instructions: The Ambient Lounge Medium Dog Bed holds approximately 150 litres of beans, but this may vary a little depending on the filling mix. The dog bed should be very loosely filled so that you can form a well in the middle where your dog can nestle down and be snuggled by the dog bed, but not so loose that they will touch the floor.

Step 1. Open the childproof zipper located on the bottom of the Dog Bed, using a paper clip or zipper pull. Pull the end of the Funnelweb Tube from inside the cover and attach it to the bag of beans with the mating black zippers.

Step 2. Raise the bag of filling and let the beans pour into the cover, gently patting the Dog Bed to ensure beans fill every part of the interior, then carefully unzip the bag of beans and set it aside whilst you close the Dog Bed zipper. Set any remaining beans to one side, as these can be zipped closed and stored away for future topping up as your bean filling settles and compresses over time.

What is SoLuxe Filling?

SoLuxe Foam Mix Filling is a new type of bean bag filling by ambient lounge® that offers a revolutionary way of enjoying luxury bean bags. This is a mix of the ambient lounge® Premium Ultra-Bead Filling and high-quality hypoallergenic foam.

We’ve found a way to repurpose and recycle foam off cuts to not only be more sustainable but also to minimise waste.

By using SoLuxe Foam bean bag filling, you can feel a big difference comfort-wise. If the Premium Ultra-Bead Filling already gives you that luxurious relaxation feels, get ready to be blown away by that elevated level of comfort that the SoLuxe Foam Mix Filling can give you. Try this out for your very own luxury bean bags!

How is SoLuxe Better Than Regular Bean Bag Filling?

With spring-like technology, crushed foam mixed with the bean bag filling creates resistance to settling You can enjoy the elasticity of the sofa for a longer time compared to using regular bean bag filling without requiring a top-up.

SoLuxe is a harmonious blend of crushed recycled foam & poly bead to create a 50/50 balanced filling solution. It is a combination of crushed recycled foam & high-density poly bead mix.

Air pockets surround each area internally creating resistance to settling. We source high-quality & hypoallergenic foam offcuts from the furniture & mattress industry reducing extra landfill.

Foam from existing products is recycled & crushed to create our SoLuxe filling solution. This reduces the amount of plastic that goes into our products. Foam has pockets of air between each layer, creating bounce & structure. With this innovation, the bean bag filling does not compress easily unlike Poly bead does.

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