dark grey faux fur cat bed cover fit for small cat bed by Ambient Lounge Australia
dark grey faux fur cat bed cover fit for small cat bed by Ambient Lounge Australia Small Premium Faux Fur Cat Bed Cover (Original) Small Premium Faux Fur Cat Bed Cover (Original) black cushion dog beds made of bean bags by Ambient Lounge

Small Premium Faux Fur Cat Bed Cover (Original)

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Ambient Lounge® Spare Deluxe Fur Cat Bed Cover

For those lovely cat owners that constantly change the sheets to wash this is a great solution for your cat bed - so they don't have to wait for the washing to sleep easy.

Also if your pampered pussycat has pulled, peed, pooped or otherwise transformed the fur top on this beautiful Ambient Lounge Cat Bed into a matted mess that won’t recover even when you wash it… help is at hand for a third of the cost of a new full bed. You can give Molly a brand new luxurious fur top to just zip onto her favorite ambient lounge cat bed. Voila! like new again. Let the kitty love continue.

For our Ambient Lounge Cat Beds, we picked a dark grey colour for practical reasons (if the cat's hair is shedding or it jumps on the bed very dirty) as well as aesthetics (grey will go with all landscapes of your house). The superb faux fur quality is unrivalled in pet furniture and even in human furniture. Cat's love the feeling and you will love the look. It's so comfy that don't be surprised if a few of your family try and use it too!

Thick and luxurious, this faux fur cover is made from the highest quality so that your cat will be in heaven. Unlike other fake fur products on the markets, the hairs on our cover will rarely come away and provide a very deep base for your kitty to sink and surround themselves. The proof of how much your cat will love it is in the sleeping. They absolutely love it.

Thousands of happy cats and their owners who already own Ambient Lounge Cat Beds worldwide are living proof. The cover zips away so that you may wash and care for it and keep your cat's hygeine at the level they deserve.

- Remove the faux fur top for washing and gently cold machine or warm hand wash to remove hairs for better cat hygeine. Line dry until completely dry. Do not place the cover back if it's still damp.

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