white premium filling bean bags by Ambient Lounge
white premium filling bean bags by Ambient Lounge white premium filling bean bags by Ambient Lounge white premium filling bean bags by Ambient Lounge white premium filling bean bags by Ambient Lounge white premium filling bean bags by Ambient Lounge

170 Lt. Premium Ultra-Bead™ Filling + System

Funnelweb Filling System
Filled & Ready to Lounge
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Australian Bean bag filling isn't made equal. Ambient Lounge's 170 litre bags contains less air and more fill inside. Australia's best quality, 100% Recyclable, high density beads sag less and feel better over a long period of time. With the Funnelweb Zip & Tip System you can fill and care for you bean bags quickly and easy and is packaged beautifully for gift giving. Feel the difference of Australia's highest quality bead.

Beads are large parcels. Please note that our ambient lounge beads are now delivered Australia-wide; however delivery for rural areas and outer suburbs is higher than to the state capital metro areas. To check the delivery cost of your order please use our Postcode Checker or talk to us on live chat 8am-6pm weekdays.

Bean Bag Filling Table for Ambient Lounge® Products:

Our beads are now smaller & much denser now that we have developed Ultra-Bead. For many customers, knowing how much filling to order isn’t easy. For Ambient Lounge® bean bags, please use the below as an accurate guide to your requirements.

  1. 2* 155lt Ultra-Bead bag (which is around 350lt total of our superior bead) is now enough to fill Butterfly Sofa and Avatar Sofa.
  2. 300 litres is enough filling for Acoustic, Evolution, Studio, Conversion, Zen and Large Pet Lounge.
  3. 155+ litres is more than enough filling for Versa Table and Small/Medium Pet Lounge
  4. 300lt + 300lt is what you need for Twin Couch and Satellite Twin.
  5. A 90lt top up bag can fill a regular Ottoman or a Wing Ottoman

* Please also note if you are buying bead for other brand bean bags - a 300lt bag will fill most regular adult sized bean bags

WATCH: How to Use the 155lt+ Bags of Ultra-Bead to Fill your Ambient Lounge Bean Bags

No longer will you need to be carting awkward bags around shopping centres, spilling bean bag beans all over your lovely home, wrestling with plastic bags and get half the family to help you fill or top up a bean bag.  Ambient Lounge bean bag filling come in the patented Funnelweb™ Zip & Tip System Bag - delivered in an environmental-friendly reusable outer transport bag direct to your door. It’s a one person job that’s quick, convenient and cheap. We provide you with smaller, denser, quieter, far higher quality beads that last longer than supermarket beads and feel much better. Sitting is believing. We are the only company to sell and deliver extra large 320lt bags of bean bag beans to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth metro areas which are large and convenient to fill most adult size bean bags. Out 150+plus bags are fabulous for reusable filling and maintenance . For jumbo sized bean bag and bulk bean bag deals, please call us and we’ll be happy to assist.

With the Funnelweb system you won't spill the beans. The exclusive Funnelweb® zip-to-zip system takes all of the hassle out of filling and emptying Ambient Lounge® (and Funnelweb compatible compatible) bean bag chairs. In 30 seconds, you zip your inner bag to the bean bag and zip the beads in.  The advantages are not limited to convenience -  caring for your bean bag cover is also easier. You can unfill and clean your cover with one person in a matter of seconds. Check out how easy transferring beads is now with our Funnelweb® system

What is SoLuxe Filling?

SoLuxe Foam Mix Filling is a new type of bean bag filling by ambient lounge® that offers a revolutionary way of enjoying luxury bean bags. This is a mix of the ambient lounge® Premium Ultra-Bead Filling and high-quality hypoallergenic foam.

We’ve found a way to repurpose and recycle foam off cuts to not only be more sustainable but also to minimise waste.

By using SoLuxe Foam bean bag filling, you can feel a big difference comfort-wise. If the Premium Ultra-Bead Filling already gives you that luxurious relaxation feels, get ready to be blown away by that elevated level of comfort that the SoLuxe Foam Mix Filling can give you. Try this out for your very own luxury bean bags!

How is SoLuxe Better Than Regular Bean Bag Filling?

With spring-like technology, crushed foam mixed with the bean bag filling creates resistance to settling You can enjoy the elasticity of the sofa for a longer time compared to using regular bean bag filling without requiring a top-up.

SoLuxe is a harmonious blend of crushed recycled foam & poly bead to create a 50/50 balanced filling solution. It is a combination of crushed recycled foam & high-density poly bead mix.

Air pockets surround each area internally creating resistance to settling. We source high-quality & hypoallergenic foam offcuts from the furniture & mattress industry reducing extra landfill.

Foam from existing products is recycled & crushed to create our SoLuxe filling solution. This reduces the amount of plastic that goes into our products. Foam has pockets of air between each layer, creating bounce & structure. With this innovation, the bean bag filling does not compress easily unlike Poly bead does.

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