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The Extra Fur-Parent: Setting up a Dog Bedroom

10 Jun 2022
by Aly Alcantara

Bulldogs sleeping on Ambient lounge luxury dog beds

As humans, we always identify our bedrooms as our safe space. This is where we spend most of our time doing our hobbies, resting, and doing other mundane activities.

Same with humans, dogs also need their own bedroom/safe space (aside from their hooman’s arms) where they can sleep on a dog bed, rest and stay when they don’t want to be bothered.

If you are feeling a little extra about your dog, a dog’s bedroom can be a designated space inside the house, other than a crate, or dog bed in the living room.

If you have the extra room in the house, a dog bedroom can be something to work on, especially if you have more than one dog and you tend to spoil the cute furball! 

Don’t know where to start? Do not worry because we are here to help you set up your dog’s very own bedroom.

Dog Bedroom Tip #1: Look for a space

A dog bedroom doesn’t necessarily need to be big, especially if your dog is just a small or medium breed. In fact, most dogs prefer small and enclosed spaces where they feel comfortable and have their own quiet time.

Your dog’s safe zone can be your previous closet, laundry room, home office, or if you have a smaller home just a space where you can set up a baby gate or a playpen.

However, remember that if you are going to keep your dog in a room or space that shuts with a door, you also need to make sure that your dog gets the right amount of light and ventilation. Ensure that there is a window that can be opened so your dog can use the fresh air and a fan or air conditioner to keep the air of good quality. 

Dog Bedroom Tip #2: Dogify the zone

After choosing your furbaby’s bedroom, it’s time to make their space a dog-proof environment and a space meant for K9 lounging, playing and sleeping.

The first thing to do is to remove all toxic substances and plants away from the area and store them in another room where your dog would not have access to it

Second, if you plan on installing lights and appliances inside, make sure to hide all the cable wires where they can’t chew them easily or even mistake any of these as toys. Remember, if your dog has his/her own bedroom, you are going to close the door and leave him/her alone and you would not be able to monitor what he or she is doing inside the room.

White Maltese dog lying on Ambient lounge luxury dog bed bed

Lastly, make sure to check the temperature in the area. Furparents need to consider the right amount of temperature for your dog’s safe zone. Some dogs enjoy and can tolerate colder temperatures while some are the opposite. Do your research as to what the right temperature is for your dog before you even settle on that dog bedroom.

Other than making sure that your dog bedroom does not have toxic elements inside or making sure that the temperature is A-okay, to dogify your dog bedroom also means choosing the right material for the floors, walls and even the interior decor. However, this is mainly for you than your dog!

Dog Bedroom Tip #3: Setup your doggy cam

Dog on dog cam

Most of the time, we hoomans go out of the house to work and mingle with other hoomans leaving our furbabies alone and unattended in the house.

While some owners can afford to have dog sitters, enrol their dogs in doggy daycare or check-in at dog hotels, other owners can’t afford that. 

However, with the help of technology, owners can now buy and install dog cams inside the house so they’ll be able to see what their dogs do any time of the day.

Some dog cams also have the feature to talk to their pets and even throwing treats at any given time. How cool is that!

Dog Bedroom Tip #4: Buy them their own toys and supplies

Dogs wouldn’t be living the best dog life if they didn’t have their toys, right?

Most dogs have their favourite plush toys and balls that they can chew and play with whenever they feel like it. 

Dog with a toy on an Ambient Lounge luxury dog bed

Just like their hoomans, dogs also need to have their own stuff that they can use in their everyday life. A dog bedroom would allow you to have the space to store your dog’s supplies and things. Especially since some dogs tend to have more stuff than other dog breeds.

You can have a drawer or a closet to store grooming supplies like different sorts of brushes and combs (especially for long-haired doggos), shampoo, conditioner, powder, perfume, harnesses, clothes, shoes, food, treats and snacks, maybe even vitamins and medication-just make sure that these are out of reach! 

So make sure to stop by or visit a pet store that offers everything your dog needs. 

Dog Bedroom Tip #5: Buy a comfortable dog bed

Of course, your dog can sleep on the couch but having their own dog bed can make a difference, especially if they have their own bedroom. Come on, if you have a bedroom, you need a dog bed right?

According to a study, dogs spend 50% of their day, sleeping. So it is important to pick the most suitable, comfortable and best dog bed for them.

Here are some features that your pet bed should have: washable, removable, lush, and hygienic, that your furry friend will love cuddling up to. 

There are also pet beds in different variations, such as waterproof, chew/scratch resistant, easy clean indoor/outdoor breathable base for all elements.

Spoil your fur babies and treat them luxuriously with an Ambient Lounge luxury dog bed, cooling mats, and many more.

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