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How to Pick Out the Best Gaming Chair in Australia

10 Apr 2022
by Krizza Padroncillo Barlocher

While computer desk chairs are great for work and even for PC gaming, you need a different one if video and mobile games are your things. Imagine being seated while playing your favourite video game and all you can think about is how much your back hurts and how much you want to stretch it out to relieve the pressure. Wouldn’t that throw you off? How about sitting in a regular chair and wanting to recline and put your feet up as you beat your high score? Sounds familiar? We’ve asked around and here are some of the top things that you want to check before getting the best gaming chair for you. 

Back Support 

Let’s face it. You do not just play in front of your gaming console for a few minutes. At a minimum, you would probably play for an hour. Still, one hour of sitting can cause back pains, especially on the lower part. If you notice, a lot of gaming chairs for computer games come with a specially formed backrest that curves to your lower back to provide the support that you need. Otherwise, they come with a back pillow or cushion to ease your back and muscles of the strain of having to be seated for long periods of time. Specially formed backrests or added cushions also fill in the space that is created when you sit. You’ll notice that regular chairs or ill-fitted gaming chairs tend to make you slouch or lean forward. Spending long hours in a day in that position can lead to bad posture. Not only that, sitting on a chair with zero to little back support reduce the flow of blood and may cause swelling in your legs, thighs and ankles. This also puts a lot of pressure on your sciatic which causes discomfort. 


When you plan to buy yourself a gaming chair, do not expect it to be small. PC gaming chairs may come in standard sizes but console gaming chairs come in different forms and dimensions. However, when you do buy, think of how you usually play. You’d want to have space for another player right? The more the merrier! You can always get as many chairs as you’d like but think of how it would fit in your room. Chunky console gaming chairs are great but consider having two of those and how cramped it would look like in your living room or even your bedroom. Overall Comfort When you picture playing on your Play Station 5 or any other console for 5 hours a day, admit it, you’d want to sit back, recline a little bit and put your feet up. Having a gaming chair that has back support, neck support and leg support is your gaming haven. Not only does this make playing video games all the more comfortable and enjoyable, it also promotes posture support and relaxation all at the same time. You may think that something super soft should do the trick, but remember that real comfort requires something soft but at the same time firm material to support your body. 

Design and Aesthetic 

There is something with gamers and gaming setups that puts you in the mood and in the zone. Your crisp and clear TV, surround sound or soundbars, a perfectly cool room matched with led lights plus the best gaming chair in Australia that you can get. This is the life! You would want a gaming chair that matches your colour and your room’s vibe. Also consider other functions like, is it waterproof in case you accidentally spill some soda on it? Can I move it around in case I need to add more players with me? Luckily, the search for that perfect gaming chair is over. Picking Out the Perfect Gaming Chair Ambient Lounge aims to provide comfort to everybody! We know how hard it is to find the right gaming chair so we giving you a number of options so you can check them out and experience supreme comfort while gaming.

  • Avatar Lounger- Ambient Lounge’s Avatar Lounger gives that soft and sleek feel to the skin. With internal elastics and firm quilted support that makes lounging and gaming ten times comfortable. Our Avatar Loungers come in a variety of colours and patterns that makes it so much easier to match with your gaming set-up. Just the right angle for you to sit back and relax while still comfortable enough to play your video game. You also do not need to grab a separate stool, seat or ottoman for your legs. With the Avatar Lounger, you get an overall comfortable experience. Designed and shaped to match the support that your body needs. It also comes with a side pocket to make sure that you keep what you need with you while you’re playing.
Woman sitting on pink bean bag
  • Twin Avatar Lounger- Feel like having a friend over to play video games with you? Or maybe the family wants to gather for a video game tournament? Not to worry! No need to grab dining room chairs and stools from around the house! Our Avatar Lounger comes in a twin set-up. Let a friend or family member experience the same comfort as you do when you sit on an Avatar Lounger. Soft and cozy fabric that feels great to touch and just the right softness to still support your body when you sit back and enjoy your video game.

   Woman on a grey twin bean bag

  • Space Pods-Can’t seem to find the perfect spot? Try out Ambient Lounge’s Space Pods. Get that zero-gravity feeling while beating your high score. This bean bag chair comes in two layers of lycra that gives you flexible and soft texture and another layer that you can easily remove and wash. Whether you are the type of enjoys playing with friends online or inviting people into your game room, you can never go wrong with this one of a kind Space Pod. Say goodbye to tacky and cheap looking bean bags and say hello to the chair that will compliment your gaming set-up with its modern and futuristic design.

   Woman chilling on her Space Pod Bean bag

Final Thoughts 

Never settle for less when it comes to your comfort. When it comes to picking out a gaming chair for your gaming needs, trust that you can never go wrong with Ambient Lounge. Choose from our Avatar Loungers or Space Pod to make sure that you don’t get distracted by an uncomfortable position or an aching back.