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Ballistic Black
Ballistic Black Ballistic Black Ballistic Black Ballistic Black Ballistic Black

Space Pod Bean Bags

Ballistic Black

SpacePod Futuristic Comfort
Filled & Ready to Lounge
In stock

Futuristic Comfort defines this sleek and modern black bean bag with cathartic microbead pre-filling. Immerse yourself in zero gravity beads and enter the Space (Pod) age of lounge room weightless living. This bean bag has thick but sensual double layers of black lycra fabric shimmying underneath your body to help you mould into any position you find the most comfy. When you exit it rebounds back into a beautiful designer ball. Big black ballistic bounce-back-ability. Limited Stock Available Melbourne Metro Only.

The Ballistic Black has a texture and looks that's best described as "matt sheen". No it's not Charlie's brother, it's a black finish that catches the light and gives the black depth of character and that space age (and expensive) feel.

Not one but TWO layers of thick Lycra is a dual purpose. One is strength, the top layer of lycra is more flexible and soft, perfect for body feel and can be removed as a cover. The second layer is designed for strength, it's less flexible so it gives less give and allows more support and allows the product to bouceback. The result? The feeling of anti-gravity.

  • Dual layers of high quality lycra
  • Fabric moves under your body for blissful comfort
  • Pre-filled cathartic Microbeads
  • Weightless anti-stress comfort
  • YKK Safety Locking Zip
Ambient Lounge
Space Pod

Dimensions of Space Pod Filled:

Height 65 cm
Width 75 cm
Depth 75cm
Weight 8.5 kg
Product care information coming soon

The Space Pod comes pre-filled with cathartic microbeads, delivered to your door in a large gift box. Please note that due to the huge cost of Aussiewide logistics, the Limited Edition Pre-Release stock is currently Available to Melbourne Metro customers only.

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