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Daily Dose of Pets: Your Guide to Aussie Pet Influencers

23 May 2022
by Aly Alcantara

Where are our pet-loving people at?  We all have to admit. Pets own the internet nowadays. Scroll through your Instagram or TikTok feed and you’ll see thousands of dogs, cats and even birds doing crazy things, posing in front of cameras that just gets us going.  If you are an aspiring pet content creator, a dog or cat owner, or you just really love wildlife in general. Stick around as we give you your cheat sheet for your daily dose of pet content in Australia! 

Cavoodle Sisters on Ambient Lounge Dog Beds

Cavoodle Sisters

First on our list is a cavoodle-sister duo plus a cute and loving rescue dog. These doggos love chilling on their ambient lounge dog bed but also enjoy a day outdoors. You can often see them taking a walk on the beach, running in the park or basically just chilling if not being goofy! You cannot help but double-tap on these cuties. Check them out on Instagram and even take advantage of their ambient lounge discount code! Follow them on social media: @cavoodle.sisters!

Peggy & Molly on Ambient Lounge Dog Beds Interspecies Friendship

Are you thinking if Peggy and Molly are the names of the two dogs? Guess again! When we say pet content, it’s not just for dogs and cats. We have a magpie joining the party. This family loves playing indoors, running outdoors and well, whatever it is-it’s hanging out together. You can always spot them basking in the sun on their ambient lounge dog bed with the faux fur top on or the ThermoQuilt cover that works amazingly on hot summer days. Check out these lovely family on Instagram @peggyandmolly.

This unique and awesome friendship between Staffies and a magpie is truly one in a million. Also, do you see that fabulous wild animal dog bed faux fur cover? Lovely!  Bulldog and Bunnies on Ambient Lounge Dog Beds

Bulldog and Bunnies

You cannot resist not dropping hearts and laughing emojis for these two! Living the good life is Bosty and Lucy on their ambient lounge dog bed with that fab wild animal cover. If you’re looking for a glimpse of what living with bulldogs is, follow @bulldog_and_bunnies

Bengals Ziggy & Zelda

Time to mix wild with cute! Check out these Aussie Bengals on Instagram. Giving you cuddly cat content and a few laughs here and there are Ziggy and Zelda. Don’t be fooled though! These Bengals are wildly crazy and we love them! Check them out on Instagram @wilawekening and spot our ambient lounge cat bed! 

Prince Harry & Lady Darcy on Ambient Lounge Dog Beds Prince Harry & Lady Darcy

Rescue cats and dogs deserve the love and good life too! Check out these rescue cats, Prince Harry and Lady Darcy. The two felines are packed with their own personalities and quirks. Because it’s always a good time to snooze, what better cat bed is fit for a prince and a lady other than an ambient lounge cat bed. Show them some love by hitting that follow button on Instagram @princeharry_ladydarcy Princess Honeybelle on an Ambient Lounge Cat Bed

Princess Honeybelle

Everybody curtsey for this princess! This fabulous feline doubles as a chef by day and a princess by night. Honey is not your typical house cat, she has her own daily activities and her own agenda.  You might also see Honey on TikTok. Don’t forget to follow and tap that heart. Here’s Princess Honeybelle on her pink cat bed throne by ambient lounge. Check her out on social media @princesshoneybelle


Check out this Blue American Staffy golden child! This adventure seeker enjoys spending quality and fun times outdoors. Get your daily dose of Staffy love with beautiful photos and videos that keeps your dog-loving heart happy and full! Here’s Koda snoozing on an ambient lounge pet bed with a wild animal faux fur top. Follow Koda on Instagram @koda_blueamstaff!

Graceful Danes on Ambient Lounge Dog Beds Grace + Alastor 

Making their way to your Instagram feed is @gracefuldanes! You can often see these two Great Danes invading hooman spaces and well…being graceful! Check out these two Great Danes lounging on their very own ambient lounge dog bed with plenty of room for them to stretch and snuggle. Check them out on Instagram: @gracefuldanes.

There you have it, folks! These are just some of our favourite pet influencers on Instagram and for sure there’s still plenty that can go on this list. Huge shoutout to these lovely creators for showing the ambient lounge pet beds lots of love and letting the world know what the best dog bed or best cat bed there is for furry friends!   If you want to know more about these pet beds that these cuties are on, check out PET BEDS and shop for your favourite pet. Don’t worry, you can also get something for yourself! Browse our website for bean bag chairs, bean bag furniture, home decor and more amazing things from ambient lounge®.  Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram@ambientlounge and use the hashtag #ambientlounge to show off your best buys at ambient lounge®! 


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