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Your Maltese Doggie Must-Haves: Getting The Best Bed Too!

03 Oct 2021
by Krizza Padroncillo Barlocher

Getting a Maltese may be one of the most extraordinary things that you’ll ever do. This angelic, all-white furball is high-spirited but gentle at the same time. Often presumed as lap dogs, a Maltese will surprise you as you see them do well in sports and obedience training. However fun and heart-warming it is to own a Maltese, one should always see owning a dog as a responsibility. You will be responsible for keeping them clean, healthy, and in tip-top shape. You should know from the beginning that you will make regular trips to the vet, the groomer, and allot budget for quality food and other things that you Maltese need. Be prepared to go shopping for toys, brushes and combs, shampoo and conditioner, and even the best dog bed there is that fits your Maltese’s needs. A Maltese stands on about 7-9 inches and weighs only less than 7 pounds. If you think that it will be all easy-peasy since it’s a pretty small dog, think again. Maltese dogs are great, but it takes a dedicated paw-rent to raise and take care of such a fantastic pooch. 

Maltese dog lying down on grey dog bed

Grooming Your Maltese
Admit it! You fell in love with your Maltese coat the moment you saw them. Unlike most dogs, a Maltese does not have a double coat that sheds heavily. So lucky for you, you get to admire their beautiful coat without having to worry about hair everywhere. Though, like all dogs, you cannot get away with the fact that you will find hair somewhere. That’s just that way it is! Brushing your Maltese’s hair is a must. We repeat... it is a must. Their hair can quickly get matted and tangled, which means you and your dog will have a long and painful detangling session, or you may have to cut your dog’s beautiful hair. Often, when dogs with hair like Maltese is not managed, a groomer would recommend shaving your dog’s hair as short as possible. To avoid seeing your Maltese’s gorgeous coat being shaved, make it a habit to brush their hair gently. 

The pure white coat is one of the favourite things about the Maltese. However, do expect that this coat can easily get soiled and dirty. A quick game of fetch back in the yard or in the park can instantly mean a bath once you get home. Like Shih Tzus, Pekingese, and Pugs, Maltese dogs are also prone to getting tear stains. Because their coat is white, this can quickly become visible. When you get a Maltese, try to grab some tear stain solution as well or use a clean damp cloth to whip their face, especially around the eye. 

Four Maltese dogs sitting on grey dog bed

Feeding Your Maltese 

Good quality dog food is always one of the essentials to keep your dog happy and healthy. Just make sure that you pick out food that is appropriate to your dog’s age. Give puppy food until your dog is about 12-14 months of age to ensure that their body can already take the adult dog food once you decide to make the switch. When changing dog food brands, you have to do this to avoid gradually upsetting your dog’s stomach. When in doubt, you can always rely on your veterinarian’s professional opinion on matters like this. 

Four Maltese sitting on large cappuccino dog bed

Exercise for your Maltese
Maltese dogs are brilliant, and they’ve spent centuries creating a special bond with humans. Perfect as companions dogs and therapy dogs, this breed also does excellent in sports! Like any dog, it is essential to give a Maltese the daily exercise that they need. This does not only keep your dog healthy but also reduces the risk of going home to a frustrated dog that created a big mess. Maltese dogs, however intelligent, can also become stubborn. With proper and positive training, this breed will be a treat to have with you as a company. 

Maltese dog sleeps on dog bed

Creating the Perfect Home & Getting The Best Dog Bed for Your Maltese
Maltese dogs from 1-7 years of age spend a lot of time snoozing. On average, you’d see your dog sleeping 12-14 hours a day, sometimes divided into short naps. Given this, you’d want to make sure that your Maltese can sleep in the best dog bed they could ever have. Fortunately, Ambient Lounge created the perfect dog bed for a Maltese and every other dog breed. Coming in a variety of sizes, your dog could enjoy sleeping in a cozy Ambient lounge pet bed in either small or medium size. Our luxurious pet beds are perfect for fur parents who want to give their fur babies the spoiled care they deserve. 

Get your dog bed for your Maltese from Ambient Lounge and never have to worry about spending so much time and effort getting it spotless. Our pet beds are waterproof and chew-proof that are built to last many doggy years! If given the proper care and cleaning, you only have to buy one for your dog in their lifetime. 

Three Maltese Dogs chilling on Ambient Lounge grey dog bed