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Preparing for a New Puppy: Checklist for a First-Time Fur Parent

10 Mar 2022
by Krizza Padroncillo Barlocher

Dog on an Ambient lounge luxury dog bed

It’s true what they say these days – dogs are the new kids. Becoming a fur parent for the first time is very exciting. No matter what dog breed you end up choosing, having a new buddy adds warmth and colour in your life. However, owning a dog will not be as easy as it seems when you see celebrities and influencers with their pampered pooches on social media. Dogs in Australia, like any other dog breed in the rest of the world, require a full-time commitment. Buying pet supplies like dog beds, food, and treats are just some of the many things that you need to reflect on when thinking of owning any dog. Don’t worry though because we’re here to help you. Here are some tips that will help you prepare in becoming a responsible fur parent!

Choosing the Dog Breed for You

Dogs on an Ambient lounge luxury dog bed

Choosing the perfect dog breed is an important step in the process. Before even thinking of a name or a dog bed colour and design you would like to get, you must know what dog breed fits well with your personality and lifestyle. If you are a very active and adventurous person, you might want to consider buying energetic dog breeds like Jack Russel Terriers or Golden Retrievers, where the latter is considered as the top trending dogs in Australia. Meanwhile, if you prefer to stay indoors most of the time, you might want to look at Bulldogs, Chow chows, or Basset hounds. You can expect these types of dogs to stay in their pet beds for as long as they want, which is why they are considered lazy dogs.

One must look into the size of his/her household space when choosing between a small, big, or medium-sized dog breed. You have to remember that dogs do not stay in their dog houses or dog beds throughout the day. If you stay in a flat or a studio type apartment, you might want to avoid having big dogs like Great Danes or Rottweilers. Instead, you might want to get tiny dogs like Chihuahuas or Dachshunds. Just make sure that no matter what size of dog you choose, your home is ready to accommodate its needs. A bowl of water and food must be ready and the pet bed must be available if in case it is ready to snuggle or take a power nap.

Feeding and Nutrition

Dog nutrition

Becoming a fur parent means that you have to be aware of how you can keep your dog healthy by providing the right food and nutrition. Similar to leashes, clothing, and pet beds, dogs in Australia have several options for dog foods and treats. However, one must know that each dog has its own dietary needs or recommendations. Age and health status are the primary factors to be considered by first-time fur parents. Puppies, for example, require more protein than adult dogs because it is necessary for their growth and development. On the other hand, you cannot overfeed dogs that are severely sick because it requires their body to process more than what is acceptable. It can also harm or damage their organs further, which is why it is important to provide just the right amount of food for your dogs.

If you see your dog panting while lying down on its dog bed, you might want to check if it is dehydrated. This is one of the things that we should refrain from happening to our dogs, which is why we must provide them with enough water. Dogs must consume one ounce of water per pound of their weight. Dogs in Australia must be given more in special cases, especially during blazing summer days. 

Maintenance and Grooming

Cute Dog on an Ambient lounge luxury pet bed

Dogs have to be groomed regularly depending on their coat. Unlike Labradors, hairy dogs like Shih tzus need to be brushed regularly. It is important to remove a bunch of shed hair, which we would sometimes find on the floor or in their pet beds, from their body. As previously mentioned, dogs in Australia would feel the extreme heat during the summer season. Regularly grooming them and keeping their coat clean would definitely help them be more cool and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

In summary, dogs need enough time and attention from the get-go. The right food, amount of water, space, dog bed, bowl, and toys can be easily provided. However, identifying what type of dog to get that matches your personality and allocating time for its necessities must highly be considered.