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Pampered Poodles and Prime Dog Beds

03 Oct 2021
by James Brandon

CHIC! That’s the word that you are looking for when you think about Poodles. Poodles are very elegant, proud, and clever dogs that make it to win competitions. Recognized and best known to have many hairdos, Poodles have also become a fan-favourite.

Although they look like simply shop dogs and companion dogs, Poodles originated in Germany as working dogs. They were bred to be hunters and water retrievers of ducks and other fallen fowl. However, poodles have not been used for this purpose over the years, which led them to lose their skill. Not to worry... it’s in there somewhere. Once you decide to own poodles, be sure to be ready to take on the responsibility of providing your dog with the right food, time, home and to spoil her with treats and the best dog bed for poodles. 

Two Poodles lying on grey dog bed

Getting to Know Poodles

Poodles are now considered companion dogs that stand from about 10 to 22 inches and weigh from 6-7 pounds. The breed comes in three varieties, but all follow the same standard: The toy poodle, miniature poodle, and the standard poodle.

Although Poodles originated in Germany, France named this breed to be their national dog. Poodles are brilliant and clever dogs that respond given the proper positive training. Even with their voluminous coat, Poodles happen to be low shedders. This makes it great for people who are allergic to pet hair and is a plus if you cannot handle seeing dog hair everywhere you go in your home.

That said, it is clear that Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs but remember that no dog is 100% shed-free. You will still find hair somewhere, just not that much as compared to breeds like Labradors and Siberian Huskies. 

Two Poodles sitting on grey dog bed

Grooming Poodles

Poodles are best known for their fluffy coat, their point nose, and their small dark eyes. When you decide to get yourself a poodle, keep in mind that you need to give a lot of time to maintain it. It can become quite expensive to have a Poodle styled and groomed though it will take skill if you plan to do it on your own at home. Your poodle should have access to clean water every day and quality dog food to support their needs. 

Brown Poodle lying comfortably on grey dog bed

Training and Exercise

Remember that Poodles are naturally active breeds which means that you should expect a lot of energy from him/them. It matters that your dog has the space to run around. This can be your yard, or at least have plenty of time to take them out for a walk or play in the park. You can give treats when training your dog. However, be sure to provide this on an occasional basis and not as dessert after meals.

Two Poodles sitting on grey dog bed outdoor

Creating the Perfect Home 

Poodles are great family dogs. Though if you have small kids, this may not be the right breed due to their hypersensitivity. Loud noises and chaotic environments stress a Poodle out, which may cause anxiety issues for your dog. The perfect home for a Poodle is a place that is calm, quiet, and quiet. 

Your poodle will sleep approximately 13 hours a day, especially as a puppy. As they grow older, they manage to adjust their sleeping schedule. When your dog enters their senile years, daytime naps will become more frequent.

Immediately look for the right bed for poodles the moment you decide to adopt one. This will allow them to recognize this bed as their own and find comfort in it and your home. As puppies, they would not know how to control their bladder, where to go, and when. While going through the crate training process, your pup can still enjoy a soft bed using an Ambient Lounge Luxury Dog Bed.

It is entirely waterproof, so minor accidents are no big deal. You can easily wipe it off or hose it down outside. Whether you plan to get a toy poodle, a miniature, or a standard, we’ve got the sizes that match every breed and every variety. You can be as chic as you want to check your poodle’s aesthetics and choose among the colours that come with a matching faux fur top.

This is a dog bed that your poodle can definitely enjoy. We’ve made these dog beds suit both the fur baby and the fur parent pleased with its unique features. Besides being waterproof, this dog bed is also meant to last you many years because it is chew-proof! Even if your poodle decides to drag the bed across the room or to play with it, you will still come home to a fabulous Poodle dog bed in one piece. Grab your poodle the best dog bed they can ever have on our website!