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Keeping German Shepherds Happy & Healthy: Creating the Perfect Home and Finding The Best Dog Bed

03 Oct 2021
by Megantic Admin

When you think of police dogs, you immediately think of German Shepherds, right? The German Shepherd is an exceptional working dog breed that is known for its impeccable skills and trainability. Known for their loyalty and confidence, German Shepherds are the ideal companions and support for special tasks like tracking, herding, hunting, and many more.

Getting to Know the German Shepherd
Some people automatically assume that German Shepherds are challenging to maintain and train as house pets. On the contrary, this breed is highly affectionate and friendly, even with kids. In fact, their heightened sensitivity makes them more careful and protective of their family. Given the proper training, German Shepherds make an outstanding guard dog. 

German Shepherd sitting on dog bed outside

Proper Care, Training & Exercise
Being an active breed, this breed requires heaps of exercise to develop its muscles and increase its agility. A German Shepherd will respond to its human partner and create an unbreakable bond. Giving this breed lots of time to train and exercise keeps them healthy physically and mentally as well. Never forget to support your German Shepherd with the right food that matches its daily activities and energy requirement. 

Many dog owners notice that German Shepherds are known for their hips and elbows, namely, degenerative myelopathy and hip dysplasia. Older German Shepherds have reduced mobility, and just like humans, they can have arthritis which will require their owners to support them while moving about. While they are still young, it is best to invest in good quality dog beds and other supportive accessories to keep your German Shepherd happy and healthy! That’s why resting on softer surfaces will indeed be needed after a whole day of working. 

German Shepherd biting dog bed

The Best Dog Bed for German Shepherds
When it comes to treating your best four-legged friend in the world to some tender love and care, and Ambient Lounge luxury dog bed may be just what you need. Your German Shepherd uses its energy to stay alert and active. Whether your dog is assigned to sleep out on the porch, the yard, or indoors, you still need the best dog bed for your German Shepherd. 

Ambient lounge dog beds come in a variety of sizes. This means getting an extra-large dog bed for your German Shepherd would not be a problem. Tough dogs still need a soft bed to keep them cozy at night or rest during the day. Ambient Lounge pet beds come with a faux fur top for that added comfort. This top can easily be detached during hot summer days or if it needs cleaning. If your German Shepherd gets a little dirty while in training and exercise but decides to hop onto the bed, cleaning would be a breeze to do. Since our pet beds are waterproof, you can either wipe the dirt off or simply hose it down like your cleaning your car. 

During your German Shepherd’s puppy years, they may become rowdy and too playful at first, wanting to chew your shoes and everything else at home. We know that this is a possibility, so we made sure that our dog beds are chew-proof! Your pup can gnaw all they want, but Ambient Lounge dog beds are here to stay! Go on and grab a German Shepherd dog bed via our website.