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1L Stainless Steel Dog Bowl - Black/Black (Set of 2)

1L Stainless Steel Dog Bowl - Black/Black (Set of 2)

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Your dogs deserve only the best of everything. When preparing your dog's meal or water at home, always make sure to place it lovingly in a high-quality, human food-grade non-slip stainless steel dog bowl by ambient lounge®. These are high quality, hygienic dog bowls for life.

Because ambient lounge® dog bowls are made with high-quality double-walled stainless steel, cleaning is super easy under a tap or within a gentle dishwasher load. A human grade, non-toxic stainless steel surface also means that bacteria build up is far less likely than with plastic bowls.

The non-slip grip beneath the bowl means it wont move far (or tip over) even if your dog is eating or drinking vigorously.

Our beautiful dog bowls are ultra-durable. Dogs love chewing on everything from toys, furniture, & even their own dog bowls. With a high quality double-wall stainless steel, you never have to keep buying bowls over and over again. That's money saved in the long run and an environmentally superior solution to plastic.

Outdoor Base: Is made from stylish two-tone interwoven Waterproof and chew-resistant soft nylon 1200D weight composite bonded with rubberized backing. For breathability and molded comfort, the SmartVent™ System has been added under the carry handle. Great for when your dog needs to sleep or rest outside, in the garage, in a kennel, or on the balcony.

Faux Fur Cover: Thick and luxurious, this faux fur cover is made from the highest quality so that your dog will be in heaven. Unlike other fake fur products on the market, the hairs on our cover will rarely come away and provide a very deep base for your dog to sink and surround itself. The proof of how much your dog will love it is in the sleeping. They absolutely love it. Thousands of happy dogs and their owners who already own an Ambient Lounge Dog Bed worldwide are living proof. The cover zips away so that you may wash and care for it and keep your dog's hygiene at the level they deserve.

  • durable
  • food-grade
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • non-slip
  • stainless steel

Size: 204*90mm


  1. Avoid scratching the surface of the bowl with a scrubber – use a sponge or soft cloth and washing-up liquid to remove any food stains.
  2. Wash with warm water solution or cold water solution to sanitize.
  3. Rinse with clean water and dry.

Rec. Filling Instructions: The Ambient Lounge Extra Large Pet Bed holds approximately 450 litres of beans, but this may vary a little depending on the filling mix. The dog bed should be very loosely filled so that you can form a well in the middle where the pooch can nestle down and be snuggled by the dog bed, but not so loose that they will touch the floor.

Step 1. Open the childproof zipper located on the bottom of the Dog Bed, using a paper clip or zipper pull. Pull the end of the Funnelweb Tube from inside the cover and attach it to the bag of beans with the mating black zippers.

Step 2. Raise the bag of filling and let the beans pour into the cover, gently patting the Dog Bed to ensure beans fill every part of the interior, then carefully unzip the bag of beans and set it aside whilst you close the Dog Bed zipper. Set any remaining beans to one side, as these can be zipped closed and stored away for future topping up as your bean filling settles and compresses over time

Pet Bed Accessories / 1L Double-Wall Stainless Steel Food & Water Dog Bowl (Black)
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