White iPad Pro protective cushion or travel rest pillow by Ambient Lounge
White iPad Pro protective cushion or travel rest pillow by Ambient Lounge White iPad Pro protective cushion or travel rest pillow by Ambient Lounge White iPad Pro protective cushion or travel rest pillow by Ambient Lounge White iPad Pro protective cushion or travel rest pillow by Ambient Lounge White iPad Pro protective cushion or travel rest pillow by Ambient Lounge

Tech Pillow Rest Pad

Tundra Spring

Tech Pillow - Multi Purpose Restpad
Filled & Ready to Lounge
In stock

Ambient Lounge® Tech Pillow - Tundra Spring

The must-have multi-purpose accessory for the tech savvy and the comfort conscious generation. The Tech Pillow snugly fits and protects the normal iPad Pro, iPad air and all older generations of iPad and as well as other brand tables of the same size (note: it wont fit iPad mini or Large Pro). Forget using hard, dangerous and inflexible iPad holders - the special micro bead filing allows you to position your iPad (on any surface) for best viewing angle. It's awesome for the train, the plane, the car or even the desk at home or work. Super versatile, it doubles as a fabulous head rest for your matching Ambient Lounge Tundra Spring bean bag or for long travel journeys. Pack it away in your suitcase. Geek chic!

Looks like a cookie cream up close (see swatch for visual reference) this beautiful fabric is predominantly a whit(ish) material with stylish flecks of grey/black and other neutral tones to add depth to the fabric and allow maintaining and cleaning it more of a breeze.

Made from a durable hard-wearing fabric that has multi-layer aesthetic qualities and supreme tactility. Added scotch guard equivalent  coating for stain resistance and easier maintenance of a light colour. Don't worry about the light colour, this is suitable for constant wear with commercial design projects, hotels, living rooms and kids playrooms.

56% Polyester, 29% Viscose, 15% Cotton, 600gm weight.

  • Carry handle and lightweight design
  • Elastic Top Rim system
  • Pre-filled cathartic Microbeads
Ambient Lounge

Dimensions of Tech Pillow Filled:

Height 20 cm
Width 20 cm
Depth 8.5 cm
Weight (cover) .25 kg

All our beautiful Ambient Lounge interiors fabrics are extremely high quality and built to last if we take good care of them. Here are some handy Care Tips:

If your open weave fabric thread becomes loose, simply cut it off. Do not pull it. Dust is best removed using your hand vacuum with the appropriate attachment. Avoid harsh brushing and sharp objects (rings, buckles, toys) as it may cause snagging of threads. To avoid your bean bag fading, it is best not to expose it to direct sunlight. For best safety, Your furniture should be placed at least 50cm away from any heat source. During the first 3-6 months, bead filling/padding will compress slightly and may require top up. This is to be considered as normal wear and a good reason why you should use the best quality beads such as our Ultra-Bead. As tempting as it may be, armrests & backrests are not designed to take seating weight so please try to sit as conventionally as possible. To keep your bean bag furniture looking amazing, you should plump and shake it after use to the bead filling and fabric return to their initial appearance.

Washing & Cleaning:

The good news is that all of our interior fabric covers are warm machine or hand washable in cold or lukewarm water. Please always line dry after washing. Decant the beads using the Funnelweb system before washing and refill afterwards. For ease of care you may also spot clean most stains and scuffs using warm water or a high quality fabric cleaning kit. Fabric protection kits are also encouraged such as 3M Scotch Guard. 

Repairs and Warranty: 

Like anything in life problems can occasionally occur. If seam splits or tearing occur with reasonable wear and time - please check with our Australian team if that is covered under statutory warranty. You may email our friendly team with photos of the problem plus proof of purchase on info@ambientlounge.com.au or call 1300 707 121. (Most small faults or tears are also easily repairable) 

Enjoy Ambient Loungin'!

The Ambient Lounge Tech Pillow comes pre-filled with microbeads. There will be a video (coming soon) about the different ways you can use the tech pillow with your iPad Pro, Air or other generations. Use it on multi surfaces with vertical view, horizontal view and even as a headrest.

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