under the stars. Why outdoor spaces are the 'dining rooms' of coastal Aussie Homes.

21 Jan 2016
by Grant Morris


We Australians are truly blessed to be living in such a beautiful land.  Breathtaking scenery of sweeping golden shorelines, heaps of space, gorgeous fresh air (and long summer weather on the whole) brings with it significant lifestyle perks.

One of those benefits is the ability to dine outdoors for much of spring, summer and autumn... and for those in the know about designing their outdoor spaces - they really use it. 

It might be a far stretch to say that outside is the new inside - but it would be an accurate observation to say that our outdoor spaces have become the 'dining rooms' of coastal Aussie homes. We're using our home outdoors for much more than the fabled Australian backyard. It's become a place for fine dining and upscale home entertainment on a grand scale.

Live Under the Stars

Rooftops, balconies, decks, terraces have all been remodelled to create a better quality of home life  - and have opened up the vault of creativity for many Aussie with existing homes eager for an outdoor makeover.

Popular australian renovation shows such as Channel 9's The Block  - and Backyard Blitz -  have shown joe public just what can be achieved on a reasonble budget.

Yes, the average middle class family can have things previously unthinkable such as outdoor Home Theatres, dining suites, full-blown kitchens and 5 star-retreat-style chill zones. It's not just stuff for Hollywood cribs anymore ... 

Turn your own Home into an outdoor Haven

Today's fast-paced (and high cost) working lifestyle makes heading out on most weeknights prohibitive to many. So why not bring the design and entertinment to your own outdoor space?

Aussie are paying attention in droves.

Outdoor furniture now offers every unprecedented comforts to rival indoor living and dining rooms; thanks to advanced outdoor materials, designer outdoor furniture, mood lighting and various shade options. The communication between indoors and outdoors becomes vital and can appear seamless. The dedicated approach in planning and designing of decks and patios results in creating a highly functional outdoor living.

So no longer do Aussie just "throw another shrimp on the barbie" in the backyard ....

We're more likely on a deck passing the Qinoa Duck Salad & Little Creatures IPA onto the Versa Table whilst watching a Netflix movie in surround sound on the outdoor home cinema ...  sinking into the Avatar Outdoors Lounger.






I know sitting on a bean bag under the stars is where I would want to be.
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