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White Leather Bean Bag - Ambient Lounge
White Leather Bean Bag - Ambient Lounge White Leather Bean Bag - Ambient Lounge White Leather Bean Bag - Ambient Lounge White Leather Bean Bag - Ambient Lounge White Leather Bean Bag - Ambient Lounge

Tivoli Lounger Bean Bags

Infinity White

Filled & Ready to Lounge
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* If you don't choose to add filling you will receive the cover only.

Ambient Lounge® Tivoli Sofa - Infinity White

For those that want the contemporary stark whiteness but a manageable and wipe-able surface, the Infinity Tivoli Sofa is the answer. With the smooth and tactile feel of genuine leather and an affordable price-line the PU, this is the perfect companion to your living room. Padded with high seating and back support, you will sit and stand with ease and comfort.

This heavenly angel will undoubtedly take your indoor space to Infinity and beyond… This designer sofa’s pure white matted faux leather is simply stunning. The bonded PU leather makes this sofa easy to wipe clean if scuffs or dirt ever taint its natural beauty. Great for contemporary spaces, galleries, showrooms, and your home; feast your eyes on the swatches to start planning out where you can present this luxury sofa.

Bonded PU leather or reconstituted leather is a term used for partially synthetic leather. It is a synthetic material made of varying types polyurethane that is spread over ground-up leather, mechanically processed to give the appearance and feel of leather, but at reduced cost. Depending on your taste and budget, some people can prefer the look of the bonded leather and find it difficult to tell apart from the genuine leather. We will not be unethical and call bonded leather 'real leather' like some companies out there attempt to do. However, bonded leather also comes in varying qualities and processes. We at Ambient Lounge are very proud of the high quality and soft texture of our 1mm thick bonded leather and the stitching technique that we use to finish this Tivoli product. It's a sound choice for the budget conscious who love leather feel and look.

  • Carry Handle
  • Contoured Piping
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Individually Stitched Fabric Panels
  • Rounded high shape with extra padding
  • Safety Locking YKK Zip
  • Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels
Ambient Lounge
Tivoli Lounger

Dimensions of Tívoli Filled:

Height 75 cm
Width 65 cm
Depth 100 cm
Weight (cover) 2.20 kg
Product care information coming soon

WATCH: Funnelweb Zip & Tip Filling System in Action

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